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The rapper PnB Rock has been killed this Monday in a restaurant in Los Angeles, shot in a robbery while he was eating with his girlfriend. PnB Rock had uploaded a video to social networks where he was seen with necklaces and jewelry. His girlfriend later uploaded to Instagram a geolocated photograph of the restaurant where they were eating. An armed robber showed up there and shot him, causing his death.

The heist and shooting of PnB Rock was advanced by TMZ and his death later confirmed by the authorities. TMZ posted a video of the rapper still on the ground after the heist, still alive. He was taken to hospital and pronounced dead about 45 minutes after the shot.

Although the restaurant was full of people, the robber went directly to the rapper and was the only one he assaulted, according to witnesses. He shot her, took her jewelry and fled. The restaurant where the events occurred is one of the Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles chain, specializing in chicken and waffles, specifically the one on Manchester Boulevard, in Inglewood.

PnB Rock was 30 years old. The Philadelphia rapper whose real name was Rakim Allen was based in Los Angeles.

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