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"The queue is going to be longer than the one to pay"

We live in a consumer society in which anything goes to attract new customers and sell your products better. Today, brands and companies seek to update themselves to the maximum to respond to the latest market needs, something difficult to achieve if we take into account the great speed at which society and technology in general advance.

A couple of young friends from the city of Barcelona have gone viral on the TikTok video platform after showing the reform that an H&M store in Barcelona has made to attract more customers to its fitting rooms.

In the audiovisual piece you can see how the two companions arrive together in a fitting room and find a room full of LED lights. This space, which is far removed from the typical changing room with a curtain, is covered with mirrors and asks them, from a screen, what is their mood (mood) of today: party, calm, etc.

Depending on your answers, the fitting room lights up one way or the other. The song that starts to play loudly on the speakers of the clothing store also depends on your decision (a theme is always played according to the mood chosen one). In the piece you can see how the two girls, surprised and amazed at the store’s innovation, decided to try all the options and possibilities that the wardrobe offered.

A young woman is surprised to discover the new changing room of the HYM in Barcelona

A young woman is surprised to discover the new changing room of the HYM in Barcelona


While the young women set up an impromptu disco in the small changing room and enjoyed the music and the flashing lights that they could choose themselves, the mother of one of them was speechless and speechless at what she was seeing, since she had never heard of it before. visited such a store.

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furor on the net

The publication, which already accumulates more than 15,000 I like you on the social network dominated by content creators of the stature of Lola Lolita, Juan Pérez or Kappa, has greatly surprised the audience of the platform, which is why countless users have decided to comment on the post to give your opinion.

”I get the feeling that there are cameras, it’s somewhat uncomfortable surrounded by mirrors”, ”The least important thing here is to try on your clothes”, ”Get ready. Prepare to wait 2 hours to try on the clothes, but it will be worth it”, ”Is it a changing room or a nightclub?” or ”Well, am I the only one who thought badly from the beginning about how it was used? Can you give the tester?”, are some of the messages that can be read in the publication.