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The PSOE has asked the mayoress of Marbella (Málaga, 150,725 inhabitants), Ángeles Muñoz (PP), to clarify her heritage. She has done so as part of the work of the commission that is investigating whether the senator has also breached the Code of Conduct of the Cortes Generales after updating her assets in the Senate days after her husband —who died on March 4— and her stepson were prosecuted in a case of drug trafficking and money laundering. The Socialists have also asked the town halls of Marbella and Benahavís —where he was a councilor at the end of the 90s— “all the declarations related to possible causes of incompatibility, economic interests, patrimonial assets and participation in companies” and if they have maintained some type of contractual relationship with the councilor’s relatives and some of the members of the criminal plot.

The documentation that Muñoz sent to the Upper House in the middle of last November included the increase in his assets, going on to have 100% of various real estate in Spain and Sweden of which he previously owned 50%. The Senate decided, already in February of this year and for the first time in its history, to investigate this modification under the premise that it could be in breach of the Code of Conduct. The agreement included a work period that took place in three phases until the presentation of the final report on April 3, which included, in addition to the possible appearances of the people “considered appropriate for the case” and the implementation of a work table, a first stage focused on the request for documentation to resolve doubts.

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It is there where the PSOE frames the requirement that it makes both to the councilor and to the two public administrations of Malaga. The first thing that the party requests is “a copy of the sales contracts, notarial deeds and registration data in the Property Registry of the legal transactions by virtue of which it acquired the patrimonial assets that appear in the declaration of assets and income presented on November 17, 2022″, as explained by the socialist formation. Specifically, they refer to the home purchased in 2005 in Sweden, an industrial warehouse purchased in 2018 and other assets -another home, another warehouse, a plot and a berth- through the companies Crasel Panoramica and Hacienda Property, from which their incorporation documentation, properties and accounts are also requested. The petition also includes their declarations before the Tax Agency and that proves their income since 2011.

From the Marbella Town Hall —where Muñoz has been mayor since 2007, except for the period between 2015 and 2017— as well as from Benahavís —where she served as a councillor— the PSOE demands their statements “relating to possible causes of incompatibility, economic interests, patrimonial assets and participation in companies” formulated by Muñoz “in his capacity as a member of the local corporation”. Likewise, they demand to know the existence or not of relations of the two corporations with the companies Crasel Panoramica and Hacienda Property, as well as with the husband and stepson of the mayoress, in addition to Marko Mikael Holmen, Anders Nilsson, Leonardo Felice Cultrera Muñoz or Nils Anders Fisher. These are names that also appear in the indictment of the National Court signed by Judge Manuel García Castellón, which implicated Muñoz’s recently deceased husband and who considered the stepson as the leader of one of the factions of a complex criminal organization dedicated to trafficking. of hashish and marijuana.

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The Marbella mayoress assured at the end of last February that the commission launched in the Senate had no other intentions than electoral ones and that the PSOE sought, every four years, to harm its local government. “It’s more of the same, it’s what the socialists always do,” said the councilor, who has been ratified by the Popular Party as a candidate for mayor of Marbella in the next municipal elections and who has the support of the Andalusian president. , Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla.

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