The PSOE dismisses as “entanglements” the proposals of Podemos and the PP on the law of ‘only yes is yes’ | Spain | The USA Print

The PNV spokesman in Congress, Aitor Esteban; the socialist deputy Isaura Leal and the PSOE spokesman, Patxi López, this Tuesday.Eduardo Parra (Europa Press)

The PSOE is reaching the limit in the public discussion about the reform of the law on Sexual Freedom or the only yes is yes. “We are not going to give it any more thought,” warned the socialist spokesman in Congress, Patxi López, fed up with hearing what he called “entanglements” on Tuesday. In them, López included both the theoretical alternative proposals announced by Unidas Podemos and the Ministry of Equality as well as the offers of the PP to precipitate the debate in the lower house, taking advantage of an initiative of that formation already in process. The PSOE spokesman ruled out that his group is going to join anything that comes from the PP in this matter, confirmed that the first debate on the reform of this norm will take place on the theses of his party on March 7 and dismissed the alternatives as useless that come from Equality and Podemos: “They mess up, but they don’t help or fix anything.”

The proposal of the reform registered by the PSOE on the law of the only yes is yes it remains stuck and is heading towards an acrimonious and highly symbolic debate on March 7, the eve of International Women’s Day, on the status of the coalition in government and its pacts with the parties of the progressive bloc in Parliament. The spokesman for Unidas Podemos in Congress, Pablo Echenique, acknowledged this Tuesday, after hearing the “harsh” public attacks by Patxi López, that on March 7, in the discussion on whether to take this proposal into consideration, they could “give the show of bad news” of how “the feminist majority breaks in plenary session” of the Chamber.

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Patxi López did not even need to ask. He wanted to anticipate and as soon as he appeared this Tuesday, he commented that the PSOE wants to reach an agreement with its partners and allies to “fix the undesired effects of a good law”, but he warned that they are tired of hearing invective both from United We Can and from the PP. To the PP and Vox, the leader of the PSOE told them that they are not going to negotiate anything with them about this reform, although in the end they will have to accept their votes and that the initiative goes ahead with that support if they do not agree beforehand with UP and the allies usual. But the sourest touches of attention were dedicated to United We Can and to those responsible for the Ministry of Equality who insist that what the PSOE is pursuing with its theses is “to return to the Penal Code of La Manada” and to which it accused of attributing itself ” in vain the space of feminism”. Later, López came to comment that in this public discussion there is “too much testosterone language” and warned that the socialists “do not have trembling legs”, as Equality and Podemos say.

Patxi López thus insisted that the socialist proposal does not touch the figure of consent, which remains at the center of the law, and listed all the measures adopted in this mandate by “the Government of Pedro Sánchez”, he specified, in favor of women and among those that included increases in the minimum wage, the minimum vital income, pensions, compulsory maternity and paternity leave and the rights for domestic workers. For López “that is governing for women and the rest of the talk” and there he did stop for a long time to question that in the ideas launched by Equality and Podemos there is no will to agree, hardly anything new is contributed (“two commas touch” , it was commented in private from the PSOE) and also that the approaches now touted by the PP of Alberto Núñez Feijóo towards feminism are not credible.

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The PSOE leader in Congress thus reaffirmed that his party will not accept the approach that the PP formulated again this Tuesday in the Board of Spokesmen to force an extraordinary plenary session even this coming Thursday if all the parties accepted it. López later clarified: “We have presented our proposal and we are going to go with it until the end.” The PP, for its part, already registered an initiative very similar to that of the PSOE with the objective of correcting that law on September 16 and that the Bureau has not yet accepted (qualified) because the Government officially considers it “different” and in unfortunate reality to try to attract yet another party to support its goals in the March 7 vote.

In the PSOE they admit that they were in a hurry to register their proposal unilaterally to offer the image that they are acting or are preparing to act to repair the errors of the law of only yes is yes, but now they confess that they are not so urgent to reach that public debate, without reaping more alliances or votes than those of its own formation. There is time for that other task. The PP spokeswoman, Cuca Gamarra, confirmed this Tuesday that they will support the changes proposed by the PSOE, but she reproached them for blocking theirs with different excuses so as not to bother their potential partners and portrayed them as “the worst government and the one that does the most damage.” it has done to women throughout democracy.”

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The PSOE wants everyone to take a picture of this complex and controversial issue, including the other parliamentary allies, who this Tuesday once again pointed out that before referring the problem to them, they should resolve it between the two components of the coalition. This is what the spokesperson for Más País, Íñigo Errejón, who has no other option, and the representative of EH Bildu, Mertxe Aizpurua, have told him. Those parties, and others, such as ERC, even anticipate that they are not up to the task of even presenting amendments to the PSOE proposal as long as they do not agree with United We Can and those responsible for Equality. And that was the message that Echenique wanted to make clear this Tuesday, without going into direct replies to López’s accusations, and that he sent the socialist to accept the meeting with Equality that they have been asking for weeks without success.

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