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The Prosecutor’s Office supports the accusation of Mónica Oltra for the “relevant evidence” of concealment of the case of abuse of her ex-husband to a minor | Valencian Community | The USA Print


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The Prosecutor’s Office of the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community (TSJCV) has supported this judicial body to investigate the actions of the first vice president of the Valencian Government, Mónica Oltra, in the alleged attempt to cover up a case of sexual abuse against a minor protected by the ex-husband of politics, who was sentenced to five years in prison. In a statement made public this Friday, the Prosecutor’s Office supports that, due to the capacity of the Compromís policy, it is the Superior Court that investigates its involvement and, where appropriate, prosecution “because, for now, there are relevant indications” .

The Public Prosecutor’s Office thus supports that “as many steps as necessary be carried out to complete the investigation of the facts and determine the degree of participation of the person subject to appraisal”, and believes that it is not yet time to decide whether or not this court should assume competition with respect to the rest of those investigated.

On April 1, the investigating judge formally requested the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community to investigate Oltra and several workers and intermediate positions of the Ministry of Equality, which also reports to the vice president, to find out to what extent they intervened in the preparation of an internal file that the judge considers a “paralegal investigation” prepared to discredit the minor, who suffered abuse by her monitor when he was Oltra’s husband. The judge expressed his suspicion that the ministry staff carried out a parallel investigation and that the minor, “far from being protected, was the object of unjustified persecution”, and already indicated that there were “rational and solid indications against the vice president ” of crime.

Days later, the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office already expressed its support for the decision of the head of the court to take the case to the aforementioned court, and now the TSJCV Prosecutor’s Office considers that this is the competent one to investigate the vice president.

The pronouncement of the Superior Court Prosecutor’s Office is one more step in the procedure that, according to all indications, will end with the imputation of the Vice President of the Valencian Government. A couple of weeks ago, the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community already appointed by distribution the magistrates who must decide whether or not to charge Oltra: Antonio Ferrer, Pilar de la Oliva and Vicente Torres. De la Oliva is the current president of the court, and Torres was the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor in Valencia until, in 2019, he was appointed magistrate of the TSJCV by the General Council of the Judiciary for the shift reserved for jurists of recognized prestige with more than 10 years of experience. service.

The case already has six charges from the Ministry of Equality charged, in addition to the director and a psychologist from the reception center where the events occurred. Oltra’s appraisal prevents the vice president and deputy from being investigated by an investigating court. “She must be heard as investigated in this case so that the court adopts the resolution it deems appropriate,” said the judge in a car in which he asked the TSJCV to take charge of the case in order to interrogate Oltra.

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