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Former Barça striker Luis Suárez receives a booking in a match against Real Madrid.Alex Caparros (Getty)

The Prosecutor’s complaint for the millionaire payments from Barça to ex-referee José María Enríquez Negreira is also directed against the former president of the club Sandro Rosell, whose statement was initially scheduled as a witness. The complaint includes three crimes: a continued crime of corruption between individuals in the sports field, a continued crime of unfair administration and a continued crime of falsifying a commercial document. The prosecution points to FC Barcelona as a legal entity, but also to the former presidents Josep Maria Bartomeu -who ended the payments in July 2018- and to Rosell.

The Prosecutor’s Office has formalized this Friday the complaint for the millionaire payments from Barça to the former referee José María Enríquez Negreira. The public ministry accuses the club, as a legal entity, of a continuous crime of corruption in business in its form of sports fraud. The crime, which entered into force in 2010, punishes those responsible with sentences of between six months and four years in prison and also with fines and disqualification.

The complaint is the culmination of almost a year of an investigation when the Tax Agency referred tax irregularities in the Dasnil company to the Prosecutor’s Office. Payments to the company did not appear to correspond to services actually provided. In his statement before the Treasury, Negreira stated that Barça had hired his services to ensure “neutral” arbitrations, which would not harm him on the pitch. The former arbitration leader was also summoned to testify before the Prosecutor’s Office, but there he accepted his right not to testify on the grounds that he suffers from Alzheimer’s.

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