The president of LaLiga takes up the “Messi” theme, pointing to the Argentine and Barcelona as responsible for a “sad ending” | The USA Print

The president of LaLiga takes up the "Messi" theme, pointing to the Argentine and Barcelona as responsible for a "sad ending" | The USA Print

The president of the Spanish Football League (LaLiga), Javier Tebas, regretted this Wednesday that the “film” of the Argentine Lionel Messi with Spanish football had a “sad ending”, considering that the best thing for ‘la Pulga’ would have been to finish his sports career in the European country.

Messi did not end his career in LaLiga because Leo and Barcelona did not agree. I wish he could have stayed and finished his sports career in Spain. It would have been the best for him, for me and for Barcelona“, commented Tebas during a press conference, after his participation in the Sports Summit Leaders event, organized in Buenos Aires by the sports newspaper Olé.

The current striker for Inter Miami had commented, when he arrived in Major League Soccer (MLS), that He had a “complicated” stay in France because he did not want to leave the Catalan clubbut he and his family were now very happy in Florida (United States).

“Leo has his family and his way of thinking; Besides, I think he has been looking for new experiences for some years. I wish he had come to Spanish football and never gone to PSG. The end of this film has been sad between Messi and Spanish football“added the president of LaLiga.

The president of LaLiga takes up the "Messi" theme, pointing to the Argentine and Barcelona as responsible for a "sad ending" | The USA Print
Leo Messi is the player that currently causes the most sensation in the MLS. The biggest stars from different fields go to the stadiums to see him.
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Thebes does not see MLS or Saudi Arabia as Europe’s rivals

Thebes ruled out that the emerging markets of other soccer leagues could overshadow the traditional European sports institutions due to the lack of a “great brand.”

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The MLS has long sought to position itself as a great brand, but has not succeeded. Messi will promptly help to increase knowledge, but they have an example in Miami”, indicated the Spanish soccer leader.

Currently, the MLS, with the presence of Messi, and the Saudi League, where Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Al-Nassr, have experienced an increase in their recognition and economic activity thanks to the inclusion of these figures, who were in Spain, in their respective championships.

“The competitions are not made with the players, but with the names of the clubs. You have to work a lot more on the competition and the brand. The Saudi league occupies me, but it doesn’t worry me. It does not compete against us. We will see his ability, but it takes a long time to create a great brand.“, defined.

In this sense, Tebas compared the situation of the French league, when Paris-Saint Germain (PSG) had Kylian Mbappé in its ranks, along with Messi and Neymar, with the German one and considered that the Bundesliga maintains a “great competition” without so many outstanding figures.

“The French league has not had growth. It is true that the players make a league more attractive, but the condition for it to last over time are the brands of the clubs and the competitions“, he equated.

“There you have the Bundesliga, teams like Bayern Munich have great competition and never big stars. They continue to maintain a level equal to ours, achieving sporting victories and have never had a Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, because the brand of the club and the competition are above all else”, he declared.

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