The plot of the ‘Meditor case’ did not meet a single one of the objectives of the investigated businessmen: “You have deceived me. I have to return everything” | Spain | The USA Print

The corruption plot investigated by the mediator case It lasted from September 2020 to July 2021. It was approximately nine months in which the intermediary, Antonio Navarro Tacoronte, promised seven businessmen from the islands, Valencia and Madrid to release them from sanctions, or to provide them with licenses, contracts and subsidies. They, for their part, allegedly agreed to pay bribes, either in money or in kind —through meals and parties, some with prostitutes. The businessmen, however, obtained a null result for their investment.

And this, despite the fact that the summary prepared so far includes up to 21 transfers from six of the companies of those investigated to the current account of the Navarro Tacoronte couple, Irene Megolla, for a total of 83,000 euros, with nothing to justify those income. Three of the companies involved also donated 15,000 euros in favor of the Asociación Vega Tetir sports club, chaired by former Socialist deputy Juan Bernardo Fuentes Curbelo, who resigned the act after the scandal broke out and whom the investigation places as the alleged ringleader of the corrupt organization. And that, without counting some payments for meals and parties.

Esteban Banus

“Since before Christmas, we’ve been ‘yes, tomorrow, yes, tomorrow, yes, tomorrow’… Damn, in the end, so much tomorrow that one says: maybe tomorrow doesn’t exist”

The summary, thus, records the discontent of most of the accused businessmen, who at a given moment communicated to Antonio Navarro Tacoronte that they had stopped expecting results from the organization. In April, the industrialist investigated Esteban Banús —who, along with his wife Inmaculada My ma Roca, had fallen into the network at the end of 2021 to supposedly expedite the processing of an urban permit—has a telephone conversation with the intermediary in which he records his low hopes. “It’s just that there hasn’t been, nothing at all, nothing,” he says, “and we’ve been going since before Christmas, ‘yes, tomorrow, yes, tomorrow, yes, tomorrow’… Damn, al end so much tomorrow that one says: it will be that tomorrow does not exist”.

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On May 11, the month in which the irreversible decline of the plot begins, a conversation takes place between the last businessman to fall into the supposed networks of the organization, Raúl Gómez Rojo, and the intermediary, who reproaches the first one for having transferred him their complaints to General Espinosa Navas. “Tomorrow we’ll make it very clear,” Gómez Rojo tells him, “because I’m fed up. Hours and hours talking on the phone to get nothing out, so tomorrow we say it very clearly. This businessman paid at least 22,000 euros to the bank accounts of Miguel Ángel Robayna (owner of a construction company and allegedly in charge of preparing invoices to legitimize the operations) and Irene Megolla, Antonio Navarro Tacoronte’s partner.

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Raúl Gómez Rojo, one of the businessmen investigated for the 'Mediator Case'.

Raul Gomez Red

“I’m up to my balls. Hours and hours talking on the phone to get nothing out, so tomorrow we say it very clearly”

upset businessmen

“Many businessmen upset because what was promised by the plot has not been fulfilled, they begin to transfer their complaints directly to the leadership,” continues the summary of the case that the judge is instructing. Not surprisingly, on June 22, Navarro Tacoronte sent him an audio in which he demanded that Fuentes Curbelo not attend to the claims of Miguel Ángel Robayna, who threatened to denounce him. “Because if they call you, you say ‘you don’t have to tell me anything’ and cut it off, friend, okay?”

The Valencian businessman José Suárez Esteve, for his part, knew General Espinosa Navas from the time in which the high command was in charge of the GAR-SI SAHEL project in Africa (between 2017 and 2021), for which related contracts were awarded. with drones. Suárez intended to gain a foothold on the islands through his Special Canary Zone. In February he was already beginning to show his skepticism in a conversation with Navarro Tacoronte. “I don’t know what is happening, this four-day trip I have seen you for an hour, of everything you told me was going to happen, aid, sale of drones, etc., not (sic) nothing happened, do not make me think badly , business is business but playing with my children’s bread is NOT ”.

A month later, the Valencian already seemed to give up, and so he let the mediator know. “And regarding the business in the Canary Islands, I see that there is nothing. I am going to talk to Juan Bernardo and have him cancel the partnership, collect what he has done and give me the rest of the money back… ”.

The cheese businessman based in the south of Tenerife, Alberto Montesdeoca, approached the organization in November 2020 with the aim of resolving a penalty of 74,000 euros for not having correctly justified some subsidies. Navarro Tacoronte sent him, supposedly from Fuentes Curbelo, that they could solve this file. Payments and visits followed one another without success. Already in May 2021 the decline of the organization was already palpable, despite which The intermediary tried to squeeze the businessmen Montesdeoca García to the end. Until the end comes. On July 5, the cheesemaker seems to close the alleged plot with a message sent to the Mediator: “You have deceived me,” he writes. “I have to return everything.”

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