The perfume that defines the new femininity breaks gender barriers with masculine flowers | Fashion | The USA Print

The perfume that defines the new femininity breaks gender barriers with masculine flowers |  Fashion

Twenty years ago, Narciso Rodriguez chose musk, one of the most common and used accords in perfumery, and placed it at the heart of a refreshing Chypre fragrance – whose characteristics include green and woody notes thanks to elements such as moss, bergamot, patchouli or oak – the only olfactory family in which it was quite strange to find it. It was a risky decision, but it worked. The designer not only managed to awaken new connotations in musk: mystery, sensuality, elegance, individuality, addiction… His fragrance for her It would end up becoming a true classic and, at the same time, one of the perfumes most open to reinterpretations. Now, on his twentieth anniversary, Narciso Rodriguez is ready to open a new chapter, both for the brand and for the perfumery. If new generations have a new concept of femininity, shouldn’t their perfumes also begin to reflect it?

All of Me he no longer addresses women in the third person, it is a floral fragrance that speaks from individuality and celebrates the authenticity and uniqueness of each one. The idea of ​​a rose, the most iconic flower in perfumery, has been the creator’s starting point to make it. But the grace does not only lie in that heart of fresh petals, but also in its innovative dance partner, a flower traditionally absent in women’s perfumery. «Geranium is a multifaceted note, with certain natural olfactory links with the rose. By fusing the geranium with this emblematic flower, we have created a more assertive and complex rose, which becomes more intense and modern and acquires greater density and depth. “It brings a touch of originality and uniqueness to the fragrance, which gives the woman who wears it the confidence to express her idiosyncrasy,” says the prestigious perfumer Daphné Bugey, responsible, together with Dora Baghriche, for materializing the abstraction of Narciso Rodriguez. . “We wanted to break the codes of fragrances by combining the softness and timeless femininity of the rose with the masculine ingredient par excellence: geranium,” points out her partner. The secret ingredient with which they have managed to reinvent floral perfumes.

The perfume that defines the new femininity breaks gender barriers with masculine flowers | Fashion | The USA Print

Rose, geranium and, of course, musk make up Narciso Rodriguez’s new fragrance, all of me.

Following in the wake of Narciso Rodriguez perfumes, a creamy Egyptian musk completes the heart of the fragrance. Specifically, six different musk notes, combined with a milky musk accord, that provide a different dimension to the perfume: softness, luminosity, sensuality, sumptuousness… as an eloquent metaphor for the multiple facets that inhabit a woman. Because all of Me It is a kaleidoscopic and, at the same time, very direct fragrance, in which each note is pronounced in order: the soft infusion of centifolia rose, hand-picked in the fields of Grasse; The texture of magnolia and the powdery depth of lily, or the notes of tuberose and sandalwood complement the sumptuous trail that the designer was looking for. «Even musks, which are often relegated to the base notes, are immediately noticeable in all of me. Something especially unique,” ​​highlights Baghriche.

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With her enviable curls and a look that exudes confidence, Mica Argañaraz puts a face to Narciso Rodriguez’s new fragrance and to the woman that Narciso Rodriguez imagined in all of me: «She is warm, charismatic and feels comfortable with herself. She has her own unique sense of style. All of those are qualities that she wanted to celebrate. An omnipresent face on the catwalk and on magazine covers, the Argentine model also embodies the different facets and interests of the girls of the Zeta generation. Her Instagram is a moodboard in which fashion, art, nature and activism coexist. In short, a woman who cultivates all facets of herself, while still being aware of the world around her.

The perfume that defines the new femininity breaks gender barriers with masculine flowers | Fashion | The USA Print

Model, artist and activist, Mica Argañaraz is the modern muse of Narciso Rodriguez’s new perfume.

This feminine complexity has also shaped the architectural bottle of all of Me. Narciso Rodriguez appropriates and vindicates the color pink – so often maligned –, highlighting all its shades in an elegant bottle with a kaleidoscopic shape. A complex work of art, with subtle shapes and volumes, emblem of the new femininity.

The perfume that defines the new femininity breaks gender barriers with masculine flowers | Fashion | The USA Print

Olfactory commitment

With a vegan structure, all of me also responds to the environmental awakening. It is the brand’s most sustainable perfume with 88% natural ingredients, coming from practices that respect both the environment and the communities that grow them: the bourbon geranium comes from the tropical island of Reunion, where they work closely with a cooperative run by local women, experts in the cultivation of this delicate essence; The centifola rose is hand-picked in Grasse during the flowering season, respecting its softness and naturalness; while the sandalwood comes from a reforestation program in Australia, in which at least 30% more specimens are replanted than are cut down.

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