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Cody Rhodes

There have been many WWE news that have highlighted how the WWE fighter Cody Rhodes was beaten in the latest edition of the weekly program of the red mark. So much so, that many fans have felt betrayed to see Cody in a position far from the championship.

the path of redemption

It was explained in one of my previous articles, you have to feel represented and identified with Cody Rhodes. A character who has a lot to exploit and who had a basic problem. A hero must lose more than win. Something that in Cody was not present. Not a fight lost since his arrival in the 38th edition of the great event.

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But we already see the dark side of the underdog. The one in which you fall, you fall, you fall without brakes to the deepest. An unprecedented fall that makes him doubt his existence and throws him off psychologically. Cody seems to have known how to accept the first blow and demands a second chance with a smile.

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That is poorly constructed by WWE. If you lose, you have to be angry and deranged. Something that his promo against Roman post WrestleMania lacked. With the entry of Brock Lesnar into action, the Cody Rhodes goes to WrestleMania 40 plan is put into motion.

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The same build as John Cena after being defeated by The Rock. A necessary rivalry for Cody to continue having endorsements and arguments to position themselves as a potential face of the company.

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The blows received allow people to feel hurt by the disappointment in the most fateful week since their second stage in the great event. Now yes, he has to defeat the incarnate beast, a nightmare that Roman Reigns has already experienced and now Cody must live.

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In a way, Cody has to go through all of Cody’s nightmares to be realistic when it comes to beating the tribal chief, head of the table. You have to get into his skin, know how he thinks and act as such in order to beat him.

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He has to harden himself in the ring, and now it seems that he is beginning his stage of progression to the main event of the great event. Many compare it to Cena’s career to be the face of the company, but it all depends on Cody and the creative steps you take in the coming months.

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