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The 'Museum of the Moon' show programmed by the Seismograph installs a giant moon in Plaça de Braus

No other living art is more capable than dance/movement to embrace the landscape and invite the public to feel in their own flesh the alliance with nature. The body is the conduit to raise awareness about sustainability, the relationship between species or the climate emergency. And this is how the Sismògraf de Olot understands it, the festival that wanted to stop being strategic for the Generalitat de Catalunya in order to broaden its gaze and introduce “the landscape in a clearer and more well-defined way” into its proposals.

The mayor of Olot himself, Pep Berga, claimed it in the presentation of this new edition that runs from April 13 to 16 and that this year adds thirty proposals -eight are premieres in Catalonia- with theater shows and in environments unique natural.

The Sismògraf, which reaches its 15th edition (the second since it chose to become independent from being a strategic market) directed by Tena Busquets, is the only Spanish festival that is part of the Big Pulse Dance Alliance, a network of 12 festivals and houses of EU dance organizations working cooperatively to strengthen the sector.

The ‘Museum of the Moon’ show programmed by the Sismògraf will install a giant moon in the city’s bullring

Ed Simmons

Thanks to this alliance – which includes Dance Umbrella from the United Kingdom, the Dutch Julidans or Tanz im August from Germany – the Olot festival co-produces Woods/Bosque, a participatory show by Clarice Lima / Futura & Linha de fuga that seeks to raise awareness about deforestation of the Amazon.

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Among the proposals, Ramat Simfònic, by Quim Girón and Moon Ribas, stands out, in which the public will be part of the show in the form of sheep, on the Sant Francesc volcano. And Superfluous Contents proposes a collective walk through the city cemetery to observe what life is made of.

This edition traces four axes: still life, minerals, plants and the relationship between humans and other species. More than 20 companies will attend La Garrotxa. And in the bullring of Olot will hang a moon of 7 m. in diameter, by the British Luke Jerram, which will host moon landings (guided tours), food trucks, moon baths and even a DJ on Saturday night.