The Nun II: first reactions from critics say that it is much better than the first

The Nun II: first reactions from critics say that it is much better than the first

When in 2013 it was released The spell – The Nun II: first reactions from critics say that it is much better than the first86%, few would have suspected that it would give rise to one of the most successful cinematographic universes. And after 5 years, the sequel to The Nun – 47%a successful spin-off starring Taissa Farmiga and Demian Bichir. The first reactions from critics have already appeared online, and they point to a considerable improvement over the first installment, which divided opinions.

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The Nun II is directed by michael chavez and produced by peter safran and james wanand brings back to Taissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet and Bonnie Aaronsjoining new cast members like Storm Reid and Anna Popplewell. The plot is set four years after the end of the first film and follows Sister Irene as she again faces the demonic force Valak at a boarding school in France.

The project has been under development since 2019, with Akela Cooper as the initial scriptwriter before Ian Goldberg and Richard Naing They will contribute to the final script. Chaves, who already has experience in the franchise with movies like The Curse of La Llorona – 39% and The spell 3: The devil made me do it – The Nun II: first reactions from critics say that it is much better than the first85%, was chosen to direct the project. Principal photography began in October 2022 in France, after facing delays due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Poster for THE NUN II (2023)
Poster for THE NUN II (2023)

The first film in the saga, released in 2018, received mixed reviews, with a critical rating of 47%, and a C CinemaScore. Its box office performance was exceptional. With a budget of US$22 million, the film grossed US$365.6 million worldwide. Critics and audiences praised the film’s performances and atmosphere but criticized its inconsistent narrative and lack of logic. Fortunately, the sequel seems to have learned from past mistakes.

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What do the first reactions from critics say about The Nun II?

The franchise of The spell (or Conjuro-verso) has had its ups and downs, but in general it has remained valid, since the public is fond of terror and scares. Although this type of tapes do not have the recognition of the films of Ari Aster, Robert Eggers either Jordan PeeleThey provide great entertainment to the public. You can read what critics are saying on social media below, with tweets compiled by Digital Spy and SlashFilm:

brian davidsof The Hollywood Reporter:

(The Nun 2) is infinitely better than the first installment. The characters of Irene and Maurice are explored in a more meaningful way, and the larger Universe of The Conjuring is impacted quite significantly.

BJ Colangeloof slashfilm:

I enjoyed (The Nun 2) more than the first, and some scares made me jump in my seat. Storm Reid is a welcome addition to The Conjuring universe, though the story at times seemed like three different movies fighting to be the main plot. Still, I had a great time and Bonnie Aarons is a treasure.

joseph deckelmeierof ScreenRant:

A good follow up to the first movie. They increase the scares in a big way. It’s a great movie for this time of year.

Shannon McGrewof Nightmarish Conjuring:

(The Nun 2) is so over the top and tries so hard that I am now instantly obsessed and won’t be talking about anything else for the foreseeable future. Bravo Akela Cooper and Michael Chaves!

Germain Lussierof gizmodo:

The Nun 2 is a super solid horror sequel. It has two good stories that intersect in a fantastic third act that is amazing until it loses focus a bit right at the end. Aside from that little hiccup, it has impressive scares, effects, and Sister Irene is rightfully a legend.

Perry Nemiroffof Collider:

The Nun II is a solid new installment in the Conjuring-verse! Once again, Taissa Farmiga and Jonas Bloquet are winning leads, and I loved the fresh energy that Storm Reid brings to the series. Looking forward to seeing it again to overanalyze the new additions to the legend (…) I felt the colliding plots worked quite well! As with the first Nun, the creepy atmosphere is hugely effective and there are a lot of strong scenes — the magazine rack scene in the trailer is great, but there’s something about the third act that ended up being my favorite. (I’m willing to bet you’ll be able to guess which one it is.)

Mike Manaloof Nerds of Color:

I’m happy to say that The Nun 2 is a huge improvement over the first movie. Bigger, better and scarier with a much stronger story. It potentially breaks the canon of The Conjuring a bit. But I had a great time! One of my favorites in the #Conjuring series so far!

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