The Nun II dominates the US box office during its first weekend of release

The Nun II dominates the US box office during its first weekend of release

After the great success of Barbie – The Nun II dominates the US box office during its first weekend of release88% and Oppenheimer – The Nun II dominates the US box office during its first weekend of release95% weeks ago, the global box office begins to adjust its course for the end of the year and the films that will be screened to seek a space in the next Oscar delivery. There are still many new releases to enjoy and there are really interesting titles for the last months of 2023, but with the Halloween season just around the corner, these days we will have horror offers everywhere with The Nun II – 46% leaving the bar very high, since its first weekend of release was unbeatable.

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‘The Conjuring’ launched a very successful franchise

Although the horror genre is one of the public’s favorites, that does not mean that all its offerings manage to go far at the international box office. In fact, there are so many titles released each year, also on streaming services, that it is inevitable that many are forgotten. That is why certain franchises seem to have priority among viewers, because in one way or another fans maintain stable expectations for these stories. After the success of The Conjuring – The Nun II dominates the US box office during its first weekend of release86%, Warner Bros. decided to launch an entire universe to develop spin-offs that would take advantage of the legacy of the original film, but manage to stay afloat independently.

From here were born proposals like Annabelle – 29% and The Nun – 47%, although the latter was not well received by followers and much less critics. The good news is that its medium budget and its large box office profits ensured a sequel that promised from the beginning to improve things considerably on a narrative level to offer a great experience to horror lovers. The Nun II It had a better reception among lovers of this saga, although it did not completely exceed expectations.

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The Nun II (Source: IMDb)
The Nun II (Source: IMDb)

The Nun II It takes place a few years after the first installment and maintains Irene (Taissa Farmiga) as the protagonist who now hopes to resume her work in a convent in Italy. Unfortunately, Valak has his own plans and finds a boarding school in France a perfect place to settle down. Irene will eventually travel there to confront the demon and in the process find more information about her origin, her intentions and the true extent of her evil. The sequel also stars Storm Reid and Anna Popplewell, as well as the return of Jonas Blockt as Maurice and Bonnie Aarons as the Nun that Valak uses as a disguise.

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‘The Nun II’ conquered the box office without a problem

According to Colliderduring its first weekend in theaters, The Nun II managed to obtain US$13 million on the Friday of its premiere in the United States, which allowed it earnings of between US$31-34 million in its first weekend in the country. Although it is a great commercial success, the sequel falls short of its predecessor, which earned $53 million in its opening weekend and became the strongest opening of the entire franchise. The spell. The good news here is that this new installment is already a great success in the career of Michael Chaves, who fell somewhat short with The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It – The Nun II dominates the US box office during its first weekend of release85% and The Curse of La Llorona – 39%.

The horror sequel surpassed other films such as The Equalizer 3 which remained in second place with US$11 million accumulated for its second week on the billboard and with which it could exceed US$50 million. In third place was the premiere of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3a comedy sequel starring Nia Vardalos and John Corbett that did not end up delighting critics or the public and only recovered US$10 million during the weekend in the United States.

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According to deadline, The Nun II earned $85.3 million globally in its opening weekend, surpassing other successful horror releases this year such as Evil Dead: The Awakening – The Nun II dominates the US box office during its first weekend of release94% and M3gan – 68%. In this way, the film shows that the franchise can still stand for a few years, especially if the fourth installment of The spellwhich is already in the works, works well with fans and promotes an interesting change for the saga.

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