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the new season of CaixaForum

The power of women, as revered as feared throughout history; an intimate portrait of the filmmaker Luis García Berlanga that promises to reveal unknown stories of both his work and his life; the relationship between art and nature or the landing of the largest dinosaur on record, coming from Patagonia… Under the motto We grow in culture, the La Caixa Foundation begins its new exhibition season with 34 samples that will travel through the network of CaixaForum centers and the CosmoCaixa Science Museum. Many of them have already been seen and will be moving around the different venues in the coming months, while ten will do so as world premieres. As always, the programming aims to reach the widest possible audience and it does so together with important international museums such as the British Museum, the Center Pompidou, the Cinémathèque Française or the Prado Museum.


Art and nature, a dialogue that comes from afar

Nude, Germany, 1931, by Raoul Hausmann

Nude, Germany, 1931, by Raoul Hausmann

Raoul Hausmann/Center Pompidou

'Blue Sky', by Kandinsky, 1940

‘Blue Sky’, by Kandinsky, 1940

Wassily Kandinsky/Center Pompidou

From surrealism to the present day, many artists have been attracted to the forms of nature, whose motifs have inspired authentic masterpieces by Dalí, Kandinsky, Miró, Le Corbusier or Paul Klee. The exhibition Art and nature. A century of biomorphism reviews this relationship through eighty pieces from the Center Pompidou (painting, photography, film and design) to rethink our current links with living beings. The exhibition, from September 28 to January 14, also incorporates works by contemporary creators (Jeremy Deller, Neri Oxman, Pamela Rosenkranz…) who warn about the new threats that hang over the planet. Then it can be seen in Madrid and Zaragoza.

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one of spies

Costume, from the series Suverillance Complex, 2019, by Simon Menner

Jean Luc Blanc. Jeanne Angkor, 2020

Courtesy of the artist@ Romain Darnaud

James Bond, Edward Snowden, Mata Hari, Hedy Lamarr… are some of the protagonists of Top secret. Cinema and espionage, an exhibition that delves into the fruitful relationship between both worlds through 270 pieces. in collaboration with the French Cinematheque and which explores the connection between both worlds. Currently in Madrid, where it will remain until October 22, the show co-organized with La Cinémathèque Française will arrive in Barcelona on March 17.

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the new season of CaixaForum | Entertainment | The USA Print

they have power

Marble from Greece.  2400-2500 BC

Marble from Greece. 2400-2500 BC.

The Trustess of the British Museum

Goddesses, saints, demons, witches, rebels, maternal… revered and feared. Feminine power in art and beliefs is the title of an ambitious exhibition that reviews the role of women and the different perceptions of the feminine throughout 5,000 years of history. The exhibition (from October 2 to January 12 in Madrid and from February 20 in Barcelona) reflects on the stereotypes of female power and femininity from iconic pieces from the British Museum, to which it contrasts voices made by women such as Marina Abramovic, Ana Mendieta either Niki de Saint Phalle. After Barcelona, ​​the exhibition will travel to Seville.

lost in the landscape

'The People That Is Missing, 2019, by Cristina Lucas

‘The People That Is Missing, 2019, by Cristina Lucas

Cristina Lucas/La Caixa Foundation Contemporary Art Collection

The way in which the artistic landscape has determined our perception of nature and our capacity for emotion in the face of natural phenomena is the starting point of Horizon and limit. landscape visions, one of the exhibitions that formed part of the inaugural program of the CaixaForum València, will pass through Madrid in the first quarter of the year and will arrive in Barcelona (from April 29 to September 8) in an expanded version. The works are part of the La Caixa Foundation’s Contemporary Art Collection and their authors include names such as Tacita Dean, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Andreas Gursky, Dionis Escorsa, Joan Fontcuberta, Joan Hernández Pijoan, Miquel Barceló, Patricia Dauder or Xavier Ribas.

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Berlanga comes out from behind the camera

Juan Luis Berlanga, photographed by Oriol Maspons

Juan Luis Berlanga, photographed by Oriol Maspons

Oriol Maspons photographic archive

Great director and screenwriter Luis Garcia Berlanga (Valencia, 1921-Madrid, 2010) was also one of the best chroniclers of Spain’s recent past. The author of films like Welcome, Mr. Marshall!, Placid, The executioner either The national shotgun He has seduced several generations of viewers thanks to a look that is humorous, acid and tender at the same time, which made him one of the greats of Spanish cinema. Interior Berlanga (from July 16 to November 3) makes him the protagonist of an exhibition conceived as a sequence shot with which he wants to publicize unprecedented aspects of both his work and his life. Its premiere will take place in March in Valencia and, among other things, it will bring to light the 72 boxes left by the filmmaker as a legacy.

The emerging ones speak

Gerhard Richter, 1993

Gerhard Richter, 1993

Gerhard Richter/Fundación la Caixa Contemporary Art Collection

The La Caixa Foundation reopens its collection to emerging voices so that they offer new readings of its collection. On this occasion, the chosen curators are Caterina Almirall, who will show the network of complicity and mutual influences between 19 women artists (The tree of what you don’t know yet, from October 24 to February 11); Mei Huang, who will explore the current situation of borders and the conflicts they generate (from March 7 to June 24) and the couple formed by Mariona Moncunill and ferranElOtro, who propose a new experience of seeing art through the data that generate the works (The lady with the lampfrom July 23 to November 17).

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CosmoCaixa Science Museum

The biggest dinosaur in the world


Replica of the largest known dinosaur, the Patagothian mayorum

Caio Gallucci

It is called Patagothian mayorum and it is the largest dinosaur discovered so far. An impressive 30-meter-long replica will be installed at CosmoCaixa (from October 25 to June 2) as part of the exhibition Patagonian Dinosaurs. You won’t be alone. Along with the immense animal that lived 100 million years ago, visitors will be able to discover twelve different species, including the only carnivorous dinosaur, from the Argentine region, one of the richest in dinosaur fossils. The exhibition has been conceived and produced with the Egidio Feruglio Paleontological Museum.

click project rendering

click project rendering

LaCol + Ivan Bravo

The Science Museum, which will inaugurate a new exploration space for the little ones (4 to 11 years old), will also delve into the relationship between music and mathematics (A sound journey from chaos to the cosmosfrom June 2 to January 19).