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The new queen of Spain is called Sharonne | TV | The USA Print


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This week, Sharonne has fulfilled two things: 46 years old and the dream of being the new superstar of cross-dressing in Spain, by winning the second season of Drag Race Spain, which is broadcast on Atresplayer. Behind Sharonne is Cristóbal Garrido (Sabadell, 1976), who has been in the world of acting since he was 18 and making a living with shows. He started with the theater for the love of art, a passion that he combined with his administrative studies, but he was always clear that his future was on the stage. And after two months participating in a talent search program, Garrido collects the crown in recognition of the work he has done throughout his life.

Gain drag racing It is not an easy task. Unlike other productions like MasterChefwhere worth is shown in front of the stove, in the race to be the best drag queen It should be highlighted in several sections. It is required to know how to sing, dance, be good at comedy and have a hand for sewing. Garrido finds the best of transformism in this complexity: “For me, the drag it is freedom when it comes to creating, showing art or whatever each one wants to show. There are companions like Killer Queen [finalista de la primera temporada] for which the drag it is politics. For me it is entertainment. For each one it is something different and that is the good thing, that it is an art that is constantly enriched by everything around it and that is growing more and more and branches out to different places”, he commented to this newspaper first thing in the morning Monday afternoon.

Sharonne after being proclaimed the winner of the second season of Drag Race Spain.
Sharonne after being proclaimed the winner of the second season of Drag Race Spain.

During his time on the program he has triumphed not only because of how versatile he has proven to be, winning both fashion tests and those in which he had to sing, but he has also stood out for his good camaraderie: “It’s my way of being. There are companions who enter with a more evil character or with the role of the movie’s villain, but in the end we are all living together [aisladas y sin manera alguna de comunicarse con el mundo exterior] and it is inevitable that your personality does not come out. It is impossible”. In her case, there are no big differences between Sharonne and Cristóbal, since her character is created inspired by her experiences, and everything she does as drag It has to do with something about Cristóbal. As a tribute to housewives, she has imitated on the catwalk the steps of one of her references in the film twins salad (1988), actress Bette Midler.

There are those who criticize that transformism leaves its natural territory, Garrido recalls. Some of her most veteran companions consider the contest as an adulterated form of the genre, usually assigned to premises of the LGTBI collective. “Thanks to the fact that it evolves, it begins to be taken seriously and to fill spaces on television, theatrical spaces that were previously a bit forgotten because it was seen as a second-class art, and now it enjoys more prominence,” he points out.

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Sharonne pays tribute to Montserrat Caballé in one of the catwalks of the second season of Drag Race Spain.
Sharonne pays tribute to Montserrat Caballé in one of the catwalks of the second season of Drag Race Spain.

Garrido does not forget those artists who remain in the shadows, in shows of a more local nature. He knows it well, because it is what he has dedicated himself to during the beginning of his career. Although he does not remember it, he says that his two older sisters tell him how, since he was a child, he offered small improvised performances at home. So nobody in his family was surprised when he started with the theater at the age of 14 amateur. Not even when at 18 he spent his first casting to act in a Spanish television program, A summer of first. His father worked in a bank and thought that this would also be a good job for his son, but he wanted to be an artist. The only condition he put on him is that he get a better paying job. And when his first salary quadrupled that of his father, the debate was over.

At home they always supported him with his shows and he never had a problem. Things were a little different when Garrido came out of the closet, something that was difficult for them to accept, but that he understands perfectly. “My parents needed time and I think there are many people who when they come out of the closet and have a family rejection, it does not mean that this is totally true. Many times it is because the parents refuse to accept that their child is living a reality that can harm them. So in most cases they reject that, not their children. My parents were put on the path, they learned and ended up not only understanding it, but supporting it. Consciousnesses change, we evolve and many times it is because we do not know what is behind it. But artistically they have never told me what I had to do, nor if this was good or bad, because from a very young age I have made a living with it”.

Sharonne during her presentation in the second season of Drag Race Spain.
Sharonne during her presentation in the second season of Drag Race Spain.

Now he has a tour ahead of him until the end of the year in The Grand Hotel of the Queens, the drag show that was born from the show’s first season. Also, she is one of the four drags who will star queens to the rescuethe new format of Atresplayer in which they will travel to rural areas to support local queens and presented by Supremme de Luxe, also in charge of Drag Race Spain. He is not satisfied with little, and would like to return to the world of cinema. She already had a first experience with the short film whore of gold (2000), which was shortlisted for the Oscars. His reign begins now, and he knows that he has a great responsibility, but one that he is going to enjoy, as he has done so far: “We have a long way to go, but we are happy because we have work. Until recently we were in a bar or a restaurant. So this is a total blessing and we have to be thankful for what we have.”

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