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The new Lisbeth Salander, in northern Sweden

The Swedish author Karin Smirnoff, a true unknown among us, has been chosen by the heirs of Stieg Larsson to continue the ‘Millennium’ series after the period of David Lagercrantz, author of books 4, 5 and 6. The seventh adventure of Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist is titled The Claws of the Eagle and takes the characters out of Stockholm, moving them to the north of the country, where they will face a group that is trying to obtain a concession to exploit the natural resources of the area.

The characters maintain their charm and character traits with some variations. The rebellious Lisbeth Salander, the asocial one, will have to face the responsibility of taking care of a teenager. And the clever reporter Blomkvist has lost his job because the magazine ‘Millennium’ has become a podcast, so we will see him recycled, trying to teach his research methods to the editors of a small local newspaper. The plot, however, is somewhat flatter, without its characteristic electrifying plot twists. Among the best, a supervillain without legs or arms and another character, both perverse and ecological, who uses the eagles in the area to get rid of the bodies they give him.

We will have to wait for installments 8 and 9 to establish a final verdict on the ‘Millennium’ of the Karin Smirnoff stage, who has committed to writing two more novels.

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