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Go shopping to enjoy the building? Fashion and architecture have always formed the perfect symbiosis, after all, both pursue the same thing: to create beauty from a functional excuse. “A couturier must be an architect for the patterns and a sculptor for the forms”, assured Balenciaga. And a store? The amazing new Lefties Digital Store Portal confirms again that it can be something very different from what we are used to: an architectural jewel in which the splendor of another era coexists with the trends and technology of tomorrow.

After more than eight months of rehabilitation works, Lefties has finally discovered its new store concept in the heart of Barcelona, ​​exactly, in the emblematic building of Portal de L’Àngel 20-22, designed by Josep Domènech in the XIX century. The taste for monumentality and eclecticism with which this architect laid the foundations of pre-modern Barcelona, ​​make the firm’s new space even more impressive and experiential.

A majestic staircase, with light streaming through a large skylight, leads us through four floors – more than 2,000 m2 – packed with fashion. Very high ceilings, carved flourishes, wooden moldings… there is even a fireplace in one corner, specially restored for the occasion. Endless precious details that merge with the last proposals of Lefties and the technological innovations that the firm is promoting to provide the client with greater autonomy, giving shape to this stimulating scenario, capable of diluting physical and temporal borders.

Because the new Lefties Digital Store Portal continues to demonstrate that it is possible to fully integrate the physical store with the facilities of the world on-line. On the one hand, technology is one of its hallmarks. It is equipped with all kinds of futuristic systems and tools: screens to check the latest releases, smart changing rooms, payment services without queues… On the other hand, aware that fashion is a sensory experience, it has all the services to invite us to enter, experiment and stay; such as the garment customization service, the Bombon Boss x Lefties cafeteria or the rest and entertainment areas, with Arcade machines to save some time for the most impatient companions.

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Lefties have revolutionized the way in which we relate to clothing. The firm not only treasures a large number of clients who do not want to miss each launch, it has managed to create a community, based on democratic and viral collections: Instagram and TikTok are its best runway, where personalities such as Dulceida, Paula Gonu, Susana Bicho, Marta Lozano or Belén Hostalet, among (many) others, bring her latest designs to life. Now it is also redefining the shopping directory with its impressive openings: the new Lefties store in Barcelona It is the first of the three openings scheduled for this month of March, which will be followed by one in Las Palmas at the Mirados Shopping Center (Gran Canaria) and another at the Nevada Shopping Mall in Granada. What are we going to find?

Each thing in its place

Needless to say, if anything defines Lefties, it is its great creative output, that’s why the new Lefties Digital Store Portal is divided into fixed thematic zones with the most desired capsule collections, to make sure that enjoying your new space is as comfortable as possible. and simple as is its online store. Mickey Mouse is the protagonist of one of those thematic corners, with the new Disney collection that Lefties has launched to celebrate its centenary. We can also test his first makeup line, Beauty, a complete collection made in Spain with professional finishing formulas and highly pigmented cosmetics that adapt to each type of skin. In addition, in a commitment to circularity, they have also incorporated a recycling point to deposit the clothes that no longer serve us.

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Clothes are a personal matter

Due to the good reception it has had on-line and in his previous Digital Store, the brand has focused on its personalization service, expanding the options of embroidery, patches, prints, colored vinyl or laser engraving. Portal de l’Àngel customers can personalize both garments denim as accessories. We can even pimp the shoe with embroidery, transforming it into a one-of-a-kind object of desire. The store team will shape our designs on site and, if we want, we can take them with us.

More autonomy and less queues

One of the great milestones of Lefties is the incorporation of the payment system EasyPay, a technology that uses RFID enveloping reading, so that we ourselves can instantly scan everything we carry in our basket and disarm garments quickly — plastic alarms are a thing of the past. What does this mean? Instead of those long lines that so often make us desert, we can shop freely and autonomously throughout the space.

Within this omnichannel proposal, where the online and tangible world go hand in hand, the Lefties Digital Store They also have numerous collection and return points. on-line automated. The store staff carefully prepare the packages at the collection point so that we can collect the purchases made through the website and the official app by simply showing the code received at the time of purchase. On the other hand, a mailbox located in the store facilitates returns: just place the RFID tag on our shipping package and the mailbox itself will read it and direct it to the return area, located in the store’s warehouse.

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The fitting rooms of the immediate future are smart

The queues of people, the mountains of clothes, the weather against the current… The fitting room is the biggest challenge we face when we go shopping, which is why Lefties has opted for a system of intelligent fitting rooms with a shift service. It is activated when the capacity exceeds 50% so that we can continue signing the new collections of the store. Thus, when our assigned fitting room is free, we will receive a notice, either from the app or by means of a ticket with our number. Each one also has a return mailbox to deposit the garments that do not convince us. Through a carousel connected to the storage area, the store staff will prepare them to return them to their site.

A store to enter to live

As usual, the new Lefties Digital Store Portal insists on the emotional and social dimension of shopping, with an architecture designed to accommodate us for as long as we want: it has its own cafeteria service, Bombon Boss x Lefties, where you can have a coffee and relax; free water fountains for customers and pets, or arcade machines for gamers and nostalgic. Who doesn’t fancy a game at Street Fighter?

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