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Deirdre Mask, author of 'The Street'

In ancient Rome they did not have names. Nor do they port to the cities of present-day Japan. A Europe in l’Edat mitjana is deien pels oficis that s’exercien in their locals. In molts llocs dels Estats Units they are simply numbered. The names of the streets are a universe in itself matte. They are very different in the various villages of the world and different, but very different from the people who inhabit them.

What happens to people who do not have an address if, for example, they need an ambulance or if they expect an urgent package or if they return to vote by mail? Advocate and writer Deirdre Mask is going to answer this question when she is going to visit a friend of hers in West Virginia. Her street had neither a name nor a number and això li converted gairebé, gairebé into an undocumented person.

“The Romans is a movie for points of reference with shops or statues and for smells and flavors”

Llavors Mask will decide to pull the line and will begin to investigate the names of the races. His severe investigations have donated as a result La llista de carrers (Capità Swing), a book that told a thousand and one stories about the directions from the origins of the cities to the present day from far to far on the planet.

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Ancient Rome lacked directions, but its inhabitants are not lost, “because the city was very rich in visual and sensory signals. The Romans are moved by reference points with shops, statues, buildings or arches, and are also guided by smells, clothes or flavors”, explains Mask in an interview with The vanguard.

Deirdre Mask, author of ‘The Career List’

Captain Swing

During the Edat mitjana als carrers he had his official name to drive the artisans who work in them: Knife makers, Button makers, Brodadors, Guixaires, Bookmakers, Spinners, Dyers… “Amb the French Revolution is going to produce a change and the races are going to start carrying names of people, because the revolutionaries will adjust to their ideals and honor their heroes”, affirms the author, faces that she admits that “this transformation was also produced in other towns of the Mon, Paris was not alone.

The curios cas of Japan

When a European or an American travels to Japan, there are many possibilities for loss, because there “they are organized by some in streets and the residents are accustomed to moure’s in a different way”, says Deirdre Mask, who points out that “Now, with smart phones, the things have changed”, but remember that “I have felt stories of invitations to festivities that include a beautifully drawn map to be able to arrive at the lloc de l’esdeveniment”.

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It will have names, but no numbers for things. Això will be a later idea fruit of the Enlightenment “at a crucial moment in history in which it is going to bet on rationality and equality, considering that the number of cases will also have a lot to see with a moment in that the governments are going to start to be interested in controlling the citizens”. The archduchess of the Austrohongarès empire María Teresa will number the streets of Vienna and other cities of her territory at the middle of the 18th century because she “needed more soldiers and the numbering of her houses helped her to find them” .

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The gestures of the French revolutionaries and of María Teresa will suppose a first pass for the politicization of the races through the seva nomenclature. Then things will be more and for “the names of the races are definitely political weapons, because above all they have to see the power: the power to decide who is the name of a race is to control it. Ho viiem ara a Ucraïna, on is take the noms dels carrers russos. Changing the names of the races is a clau movement in any change of regime”.

American numbering

The things are also different in some American cities: “The Americans have adopted during many times the grid as a way of organizing the cities, partly because the Europeans are going to arrive on a land that was already populated, but in a way Completely different from what I know and see that having quadriculated streets with straight lines was an easy way to divide, organize and sell the land quickly”, explains the author of La llista de carrers. However, the one that gave the most attention to the ulls of the Europeans is that many American streets in lloc de per noms are identified by numbers. Mask also had an explanation for this: “The numbering is going to be inspired by the Quaker religion, since William Penn had already created a squared city to avoid great fires like the one in London in 1666 and had numbered his streets. For the Americans, this formula is going to become an easy and rational way to identify the careers and also a way to demonstrate that the State Units is a very different country from the European ones”, concluded the writer.

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I per això mateix “hi ha més carrers amb noms d’homes a tot el món”. “It is not surprising because the houses will be the ones who will write the books of history and will also pose on the streets. Now many countries are trying to rectify això and in some others there are groups that collect unofficial road signs with names of gifts at the expense of the regulations that, due to decomptat, carry nom d’homes”, concluded Mask.