The Mostra Igualada rewards the proposals of Giramagic, Lazuz Compan, Ortiga, Inspira Teatre and Binomi | Entertainment | The USA Print

The director of Mostra Igualada, Ramon Giné, at the expense of the mayor of Igualada Marc Castells, the director of the ICEC Edgar Garcia and the councilor of Culture of Igualada, Pere Camps, in Barcelona

The Mostra Igualada has announced this morning the winners of its 34th edition, in which 30 shows were performed for all audiences between March 30 and April 2. The audience award has recognized the magic show kariguri, from the Giramagic company; and the jury has awarded the proposals of the companies Lazuz Company, Ortiga, Inspira Teatre and Binomi.

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Mariona Fernandez Serra

The magic proposal of the Giramagic company, kariguri, captivated the public of the Mostra Igualada, so much so that they have made it the winner of this edition. It is a show of magic, puppets, masks, clowns and physical theater, united in an imaginative landscape, sound, visual and without text.

It has been the attendees of the fair, professionals and the general public, who have voted anonymously in this category. After his victory, kariguri It can be seen in Igualada after being hired by the City Council.

Moment of the show 'Kariguri' by the Giramagic company

Show ‘Kariguri’ by the Giramagic company, winner of the audience award

The tremendous

In this 34th edition, the exhibition widens its range of recognitions with the addition of jury prizes. Made up of professionals who know the family theater market, the jury of the Mostra Igualada has awarded four proposals from the fair.

One of them is Baktana, by Laluz Company, which has been distinguished as the best street show. The piece narrates the encounter between two men, a juggler obsessed by his world of flying objects and an acrobat who only expresses himself through movement.

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In the categories that focus on the public to which these proposals are directed, Anki, of the Nettle company, has won the award for best show for all audiences. Through an immersive theatrical experience, an-kitalks about the origin and destiny of humanity.

An-ki, the proposal of the Ortiga company, wins the award for best show for all audiences

‘An-ki’, the proposal of the Ortiga company, wins the award for best show for all audiences

The tremendous

The jury prize for best show for young people has gone to Goodbye, Jane!from the Binomi company, which tells the story of a young woman who, at only 18 years old, must face the removal of her breast.

The jury has also recognized undergrowth, the proposal of Inspira Teatre, with the prize for the best show for early childhood. Through music and movement, undergrowth connects children from one year old with nature.

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