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The most common mistakes when starting to sell online and how to avoid them | be where you are | The USA Print


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More and more people buy online in Spain. Online sales figures have not stopped growing in the last decade and the type of products sold has diversified: from travel and show tickets, to fashion, household appliances and even vehicles. In the third quarter of 2021, the last period with data, electronic commerce reached a record figure of 14,696 million euros, 15% more than the previous year, according to the National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC).

A boost among Spanish buyers from which not only the web spaces of large firms such as Zara or the platforms popular ones like Amazon, but also small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and freelancers looking to attract new customers and expand. Erik Rigoladirector of digital sales and marketing relationship of RocaSalvatella, which will participate in the webinar Keys to optimize the sales of your e-commerce, organized through Banco Sabadell’s HUB Empresa, ensures that it has never been as easy as now for any company to access this virtual consumption space. “These sales models that reach the consumer directly are increasingly efficient”, highlights this expert.

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Keys to optimize the sales of your e-commercewith Erik Rigola, manager of digital sales and marketing relationship of RocaSalvatella and Arsenio Pérez, director of POS Business of Banco Sabadell. Organized through Banco Sabadell’s HUB Company. When: June 9, at 4:00 p.m.

But when creating an online store you can make mistakes derived from false beliefs that, as a consequence, hinder your main task: attract customers, make them buy and come back. These are the most common:

1. Believing that many resources should not be allocated to selling online

Through its own website, it is sold directly to the final customer, without depending on commercials or distributors who decide how much and where it is for sale. This allows trading at a higher price. But the experts assure that it does not imply a reduction in costs, since, although savings are made, new expenses arise in the form of logistics, advertising and digital management expenses for which the employer must be responsible. Therefore, you cannot establish an online sales strategy thinking that it will be cheaper than setting up a physical store.

He knows in depth all the sides of the coin.


Rigola points out that it is more expensive to make many shipments of a few products, even units, than large pallets. “You have to select the products one by one, pack them, prepare the paperwork and send them. The time and cost per unit product is higher. Surely, if the volume of sales grows, a warehouse manager will be needed to carry out these tasks”.

To the logistics must be added the costs of advertising. David Morán, director of the Master’s in e-commerce Y Marketing Digital of IEBS Business School, points out that it is necessary to invest in advertising to get visits to the digital store through Google and social networks like Facebook. “On the internet, all brands have the same square meters to display their products, so users must be convinced with ads.”

2. Consider that there is no need to invest in marketing

The strategies of marketing digital are within the reach of any company and, once they are implemented, they allow users to be attracted to the online store. The most convenient is to start with an advertising campaign through Google Ads and Facebook Ads, which send ads to consumers who have an interest in the products being advertised. It is what is known as hyper-segmentation, because, Rigola describes, the public is divided according to the preferences it demonstrates on the network. But it is also effective to approach users through email. Morán recommends sending interesting information, such as an e-book with tips or a video on various uses of the product, before offering discounts. “The buyer values ​​quality information over continually receiving offers,” he points out.

This expert points out that the highest budget when selling on the internet should be allocated to the marketing. “Many SMEs spend themselves making a pretty store or attractive packaging and then don’t have the funds for a powerful advertising campaign,” she stresses.

Although the cost varies greatly depending on the magnitude of the advertising, the minimum investment is around 600 euros. This is in the event that the employer decides to act on his behalf. “Learning the basics is not complicated, but it requires time and dedication”, observes Morán. For this reason, he recommends having the advice of an expert, which entails, at least, another 600 euros, which raises the basic budget to 1,200 euros per month.

Currently in Spain, one of every 100 people who enters a virtual store buys. It is what is known as the conversion rate, which reflects how many visitors become buyers. At the beginning, Rigola points out, this volume will not be achieved, it will be necessary to work on the contents of the web to convince the navigators.

3. Think that the text is the main thing in the product sheet

The online store must clearly display the items and services being marketed and incorporate essential information. Arsenio Pérez, director of TPV Negocios of Banco Sabadell, who will also participate in the webinaremphasizes the importance of photography, so it is best to use the best images available.

Morán specifies that the texts must be short, no more than one paragraph. “The user does not spend much time reading while he buys online,” he acknowledges. For this reason, explanatory videos work very well. “Audiovisual resources allow capturing attention and retaining it”. The quality of the videos does not always have to be the most professional. Users have become accustomed to homemade content thanks to social networks. “It is what is known as the TikTok effect that allows even videos amateur gain more credibility than professionals if they show, for example, the testimony of a person who has used the product”.

4. Assume that a single payment and shipping method is enough

How many more payment methods are offered to the buyer, the more likely they are to buy. Pérez recommends identifying the most popular payment methods in the countries from which users buy. In Spain, explains Rigola, the bank card is the most common, but in the United States, for example, the use of the PayPal virtual wallet is widespread, while in Brazil microcredits are used. This custom payment solution is also used in Spain for large purchases. To know all the possibilities, this expert recommends having the advice of a professional, such as the manager of the bank.

Offering various shipping options also makes it easier for a user to decide to purchase a product. For example, that it be free from a certain amount, that it allows contracting it with several companies or, even, specify the date of reception.

5. Assume that there is no need to keep an exhaustive control of stocks

The online store must be continuously updated with the available stock, since any mismatch means a loss of purchase and, Rigola points out, generates frustration in the consumer and, consequently, a bad experience. “That user may no longer come back.”

To avoid a gap or stockout, it is advisable to regularly review both the online store catalog and the actual stock. This can be done in an automated way, through systems in the warehouses connected to the website, but in most small businesses it is done manually. Therefore, you have to be very careful.

6. Thinking that it is necessary to be on all social networks

The social networks are an inseparable part of the strategy of marketing. They are the best showcase and a way to interact with both current and potential customers. But they require dedication, something that is not within the reach of all SMEs. For this reason, Morán recommends focusing on one or two platforms. “If you open a social profile you have to keep it very active. A careless and little updated one produces a negative image in the user”, she emphasizes.

The choice of the social network will be in accordance with the nature of the business. instagram and TikTok they allow you to focus on the image, while on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn there is greater versatility to combine texts with photographs, videos and links. Morán points out that, although everyone knows how to handle social networks, it is advisable to seek advice from experts to optimize the reach.

7. Expect short-term results

The entrepreneur must assume that the online store requires some time to start operating, so he must be patient. Rigola points out that, since it is launched, it will begin to take off after two or three months. “During that time there may not be a single purchase, so it is important to plan and have a budget for six months or a year. The consumer needs to gain confidence in a new digital space”, he points out. The evolution, after that period, tends to be exponential and then stabilizes.

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