“The Mexican National Team cost me”: Miguel Herrera assures that the sanction against Fernando Hernández deserved a greater punishment | The USA Print

The strategist questioned the studies with which sanctions are applied to referees.

The strategist questioned the studies with which sanctions are applied to referees.

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The technical director of the Xolos de Tijuana in the MX League, Miguel ‘Piojo’ Herrera, was against the sanction of 12 games without imparting justice that the Disciplinary Commission of the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) applied against the referee Fernando Hernández, who recently hit the soccer player of the Esmeraldas de León, Lucas Romero, in his private parts.

The strategist assured that the whistler deserved a much greater sanction for having violated the statutes of Mexican soccer. The strategist added that in his case the sanction was such that he was fired from the bench of the Mexican National Team in 2015 for attacking commentator Christian Martinoli; He was also fined one month’s salary in 2019 when he was in charge of the Águilas of Club América and was later fired in 2020 for a dispute in a Concachampions match.

I have made a serious mistake and I have paid the consequences of my mistakes and they have been very strong punishments. They have not judged me with three games, it cost me the Mexican National TeamDue to complaints on the field, America cost me, an insult to a referee that was seen on camera cost me a month’s salary, it was not a multitasking, it was a full month, there have been very strong sanctions and we should judge accordingly. the same way to whoever makes a mistake,” he explained.

These statements were made in an interview for the portal Halftimewhere he assured that the punishment was too light and questioned the measures with which referees are punished in Aztec football.

I think they fell short because if it had been the other way around they would be asking the referees (a more severe punishment)… which already happened once with Pablo Aguilar, that the referees wanted to stop and today it seems that the players would have to stop because they are not going to be punished in the same way,” he said.

A decision has already been made and it will be highly questioned, because sometimes it is not judged in the same way. I said it that day, that whoever has to judge her should judge her as if it were the other way around, As if the player had attacked the referee, how would it be judged? What sanction would the player have? It must be the same and much more serious for being the referee. It is not fair for me, but it has already been taken and you have to respect it. The referee was wrong, but it is nothing serious, he did not kill anyone, he is not a criminal, he is a human being who was wrong and there is his sanction, ”he added.

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