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The magic of New York City is embodied in Urban Folk Tales by Y. Rodríguez

‘Urban Folk Tales: Stories’, a collection of short stories by Y. Rodríguez, is the new fiction title that Read Furiosly launches this Tuesday.

Infused with elements of magical and spiritual realism, the work captures the true life experiences of people living in New York City’s working-class and working-poor neighborhoods. It explores moments of love, tragedy, joy and survival: the miraculous and mundane scenes that play out on the avenues of New York City, giving meaning to our lives.

Based on real people, places, and incidents, these stories have entered the realm of fiction to become part of the beating heart that is New York City’s vibrant folklore.

Y. Rodríguez is a published, produced, and award-winning playwright and director who has produced her plays for Off-Broadway theater companies. The author, born in Manhattan to Puerto Rican parents, is also a published poet and a professional musician and songwriter who performs with her band, AYOKA, at venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Among the stories are, “Laura and the Kickboxer”, where a chance meeting on the N Train changes the fate of two people who are lucky enough to meet; “La Manicurista” takes us to the most sacred of all spaces, the neighborhood hairdresser, and its manicurist who struggles with his gift of clairvoyance and the people he wants to help and “The man who dreamed too much”, where a man he loses in his subconscious desires, leading to a battle between good and evil.

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