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The Madrid Urban Fest 2023 brings eleven concerts to Vallecas

The III Madrid Urban Fest brings eleven concerts in Vallecas of the urban genre from tomorrow Friday until September 23 will feature artists Sofía Gabanna, K1ZA, DEVA, Vivi K, Sara Socas, Erika Dos Santos and Insert Soul, Shoda Monkas, Teo Lucadamo, Antony Z, Tony Anzis, Mery Espinosa and DL Blando.

The cultural event will be held at the Pilar Miró Cultural Center in Villa de Vallecas and will feature an extensive program of activities, a documentary dedicated to the poet, philosopher and rapper Gata Cattana, workshops on the effects of the digital world on creation, an exhibition Selectormarx photography, and DJ sessions.

Six different DJs will play 45 minutes before the concerts on the set installed in the Espacio Urban into which the Madrid Urban Fest Cultural Center is transformed. In tune with his music, three dancers on skates will welcome the public, interacting with them and encouraging them to join the event.


The rapper K1ZA will open the programming this Friday. Next, the Argentinian Sofía Gabanna, trained in classical dance and flamenco, but a convinced rapper with a unique and unmistakable sound that has opened the doors of tours in Spain, Mexico and Argentina, will perform.

Gabriel Díaz, better known as Shoda Monkas, is the musician from Albacete who will close the concerts on the first weekend with his songs that start from the most classic rap to reach more experimental sounds.

technological debate

Within the activities presented, experts and artists will analyze, among other issues, collateral damage and the unpredictable consequences of misusing new technologies. The debate in this third edition takes advantage of the fact that the TikTok social network has been in force for five years, the digital platform most used by the Z and Alpha generations, to reflect on the prevailing presence of new technologies on the scene and its effects on the creation.

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In turn, the three activity workshops proposed this year will be dedicated to dance and will be given by the dancer Oulouy, born in the Ivory Coast and one of the key artists in the current international urban dance scene, and by the dancer and skater Laura Rollerdancer.

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