The Little Mermaid: Javier Bardem confirms that Triton’s daughters are from the same mother and explains why they are so diverse

The Little Mermaid: Javier Bardem confirms that Triton's daughters are from the same mother and explains why they are so diverse

One of the most commented topics about the new movie of The little Mermaid – 63% it’s the fact that Ariel’s sisters don’t look like her or each other. On social networks, the funny comments about the alleged polyamorous practices of King Triton did not wait, however, it is himself Javier Bardem who answers the question of why the monarch’s daughters are so different. Her answer ties in very well with the family style of The Walt Disney Company.

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In the animated version of The little Mermaid, Ariel’s sisters are fair-skinned, only with variations in hair colors and fish tails. In the live-action film we find very different princesses, some white, others of African descent, Asian features, and so on. This has produced all kinds of questions towards Triton and Javier Bardem answers the big question during a recent interview with Pedro Prieto TVa journalist who asks him about this great difference between his heiresses:

I put the batteries but with the same mother. I asked Rob [Marshall], ‘but how can this be because each one is of a different race?’ He tells me ‘man, because in each sea, in each ocean, when the act of reproduction was produced, the essence of that ocean, of that geographical place, was produced in that little fish.’ And I ‘ah, it seems good to me, it seems good to me’.

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Some agree that it would have been easier to explain that Triton had affairs with seven mermaids from different oceans, but that might not have been very family-friendly of Disney, so Rob Marshall he preferred to make the decision of a monogamous Newt, faithful to his wife but very willing to reproduce. It is worth mentioning that Javier Bardem he delivers solid work through Triton, an interesting character who functions as an antagonist to Ariel herself, but is ultimately only concerned with the well-being of his youngest daughter.

Javier Bardem has left an indelible mark on the film industry. Her career has been highlighted by his versatility and innate talent, encompassing a wide range of characters in films both in Spain and internationally. Bardem has been acclaimed for his performances in both leading and supporting roles, displaying a unique ability to immerse himself in the skin of his characters and convey deep and complex emotions. His talent has been recognized with numerous awards, including an Oscar, making him one of the most outstanding actors of his generation and an indisputable benchmark in acting.

The little Mermaid It is a box office success, its numbers prove it. So far it has raised US$185 million globally and continues to climb to the top positions. The little Mermaid It is a triumph for Disney that owes its good reception to several factors. First of all, its captivating story based on the Hans Christian Andersen tale, which combines elements of romance, adventure and self-improvement, managing to connect with audiences of all ages. It features endearing and memorable characters, like Ariel and Sebastian the crab, who have left a mark on popular culture. The music, with iconic songs like “Under the Sea” and “Part of It”, has contributed to its popularity and has become an iconic aspect of the film. The design of the marine settings are also impressive, transporting the viewer to a magical and colorful world that reminds us of the animated version. Taken together, these elements have made The little Mermaid a beloved and successful film that has endured over time.

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halle bailey is making it very clear that he was born to play Princess Ariel in live-action. Her captivating voice on the film’s themes is sweeping digital platforms and gives good numbers to the official soundtrack released on the Internet. How far can she go at the box office?

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