The Little Mermaid debuts at #1 in Mexico and is the second largest market for the film

The Little Mermaid debuts at #1 in Mexico and is the second largest market for the film

It’s been a long road to the premiere of The little Mermaid – 63% in movie theaters. Disney finally puts its new live-action on the billboard, setting a trend and making it an outstanding product of the moment. In accordance with Box Office Mojo and DeadlineMexico stands out as the highest-grossing market for the adaptation of the animated classic in its first weekend. halle bailey dazzles the Mexican public with her wonderful voice and her enchanting adventure as Princess Ariel.

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The little Mermaid, in its original version, has always been loved around the world, a cult animation that crossed all borders and wowed viewers with its sweet story and powerful songs. It didn’t take The Walt Disney Company long to decide to bring this film to live action, which is why its development began long ago with a talented cast. Bailey she embodied the new little mermaid and the critics are delighted with the result.

Now, new information reveals that The little Mermaid it achieved 150 million Mexican pesos during its first weekend, that is, about US$8 million, for which it is already number one at the national box office during the first days on the billboard; it also makes Mexico the second best market for the tape. Not bad for a film that received quite a bit of criticism from the local public even before its premiere.

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The little Mermaid captures the essence of fantasy, adventure and forbidden love. Through its captivating story of a young mermaid who dreams of being human and finding true love, the film transports us to a magical world under the sea filled with enchanting characters and an unforgettable soundtrack. Ariel’s courage in defying convention and her determination to fight for her dreams resonate with audiences of all ages, making her a timeless classic and leaving a lasting mark on popular culture.

Through its abundant live-action productions, Disney seeks to reinvent and update its classics to captivate new generations of viewers and keep the legacy of its stories alive. By bringing its beloved characters and narratives to the screen in live-action format, Disney wants to explore new visual and narrative interpretations, as well as harness technological advances to create even more amazing worlds. These adaptations provide an opportunity to appeal to a nostalgic adult audience that grew up on the original animated films, creating a combination of sentimentality and modernization that fuels the interest and success of these new versions.

On the other hand, Disney’s live-action movies are often criticized due to the feeling of lack of originality and creativity, as well as the constant comparison with the classic animated versions that are loved by millions of people. Many critics argue that these adaptations lack the magic and innocence that characterized the original films, focusing more on marketing and visuals rather than offering a new perspective or adding something meaningful to the story. Some people also feel that these movies fail to capture the same emotion and charm of the animated versions, leading to a sense of disappointment and unfulfilled nostalgia.

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In one way or another, The Little Mermaid is being able to seize the attention of countless people around the world; After all, we’re talking about one of Disney’s most enchanting stories. Halle Bailey has stolen the hearts of audiences as Halle Bailey and her co-stars don’t do badly either. Highlights include Jonah Hauer-King as Prince Eric, who manages to get his own song from him in the film; and Javier Bardem as King Triton, managing to print new and interesting paternal layers on the fearsome monarch of the oceans. Can The Little Mermaid catch up with its highest-grossing predecessors? He certainly has everything to achieve it in a few weeks.

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