The Little Mermaid Could Have Disney’s Worst Opening In China

The Little Mermaid Could Have Disney's Worst Opening In China

The little Mermaid – 63% is one of the most relevant films of the season, either for those who want to check the talent of halle bailey as the lead with his perfect voice, or by Disney fans who want to find out if the remake changes any of the classic live action trends that have been released in recent years. The first reviews have been quite positive, but the context in which it will arrive in commercial rooms is not necessarily the best, especially since certain territories are more difficult to conquer than others, and in recent years, the landscape in China has changed a lot, which could affect the arrival of this proposal.

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Since Disney was at a good pace making remakes of its classics, one of The little Mermaid It was always a priority, and the fans really wanted to know how they would manage to recreate the world under the sea, but also the mythical princess who marked generations. When it was announced that halle bailey she had stayed with the main role, she had to face many obstacles, but it was enough to listen to her in the first teaser for most to put their prejudices aside. With her head held high, the actress and singer began her tour to promote the project that culminated in a very positive projection.

All specialists agree that Bailey is perfect for the role and that Melissa McCarthy she’s up to the task as a villain, but some still argue that the very idea of ​​remaking these classics ceased to be a foolproof idea long ago. In that sense, it’s considered virtually impossible to compare to the initial impact those titles made on the animation world so long ago, especially now that these live-action versions would have to offer technological or CGI advances to keep up and it just isn’t.

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Nevertheless, The little Mermaid It is generating enough expectations for analysts to consider it to be well received at the box office in the United States, Canada and Mexico, a territory that opens up the statistics for the rest of Latin America. Part of the strategy is that Disney will release the movie one day before, so the numbers for that first weekend will actually take 4 days of collection. This is expected to show that pre-sale and immediate sales are going very well, but now the problem is how the premiere will work in other parts of the world, specifically in China.

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For Hollywood, China is one of the most important territories in the business, since it is a box office that can save even the least fortunate film. However, in recent years, Disney has had some conflicts over editing its final cuts and that marked the end of an era when several Disney films, including some Marvel titles, failed to release there. The little Mermaid It fulfilled the main objective and it will reach commercial theaters in that country, but that does not guarantee good numbers.

According to cbr.comseveral reports from specialists in the Chinese box office ensure that the remake directed by Rob Marshall it just won’t sell well and will end up being one of the biggest misses for Disney.

Meanwhile, at the Chinese box office, pre-sale tickets for The Little Mermaid are showing no signs of reacting. Disney’s live action ended Sunday with a terrifying $13,000 total after 3 days of pre-sale, for the entire period of May 25-28. It could be the worst opening in the history of Hollywood in China.

To begin with, the lack of the word millions is already a red alert, but things do not improve at all when the latest Disney films that have been released there are analyzed. For example, mulan- The Little Mermaid Could Have Disney's Worst Opening In China83% It arrived before the pandemic and raised around US$300,000 in pre-sale, which later led to US$23 million during its premiere and US$40.7 million during its time in China. Instead, Cruella – The Little Mermaid Could Have Disney's Worst Opening In China93%, which arrived during the pandemic and was the last live action to open there before country deals changed, got off to a rocky start but eventually raked in $1.6 million on its opening date for a total of $24 million by the time It ended its run on the Chinese billboard. Something similar is expected to happen with The little Mermaid and that despite having a difficult first weekend, it manages to generate good income that would help confirm that China is ready to receive Hollywood again as it was years ago.

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