The Little Mermaid breaks record and becomes one of the most successful premieres on Disney Plus – The USA Print

The Little Mermaid breaks record and becomes one of the most successful premieres on Disney Plus

Disney managed to become one of the most important companies in the world of animation thanks to certain key films that set trends and became the strongest references of their time. One of those projects was The Little Mermaid – The Little Mermaid breaks record and becomes one of the most successful premieres on Disney Plus - The USA Print92%, a free adaptation of the work by Hans Christian Andersen that revolutionized the company’s female characters. To try to reach new generations, the production company has supported several live-action remakes of its classics, and although not all of them have the desired success, The Little Mermaid – 66% did go far and now breaks new records with its premiere on Disney Plus.

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‘The Little Mermaid’ had to overcome many obstacles to conquer the box office

In many ways, The little Mermaid It came at the worst time for the company. Although the original story is one of the most beloved by the public, Disney adaptations have not done very well in recent years. What was initially seen as a great opportunity to exploit these characters and bring them into a new social and cinematic context, soon became a fairly simple comfort zone that did not allow the creation of something more relevant. Fans began to complain that these proposals reflected a lack of energy and intention on the part of the company, and considering the recent reactions to franchises like Marvel and Star Wars, it seems that that idea is still present.

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Despite these fears, the production of The little Mermaid It was one of the most anticipated in Hollywood, and thousands of actresses fought to keep the main role. The public had their favorites, and a very specific idea of ​​what the live-action version should be like, which was taken to an unpleasant extreme when it was announced that Halle Bailey had taken the role. Some people were more concerned about the changes in Flounder and Sebastian’s design, or how difficult it would be to do justice to an underwater civilization, but others decided to use their racism as a boycott weapon in a crude attempt to make it fail.

Official poster for The Little Mermaid (Source: IMDb)
Official poster for The Little Mermaid (Source: IMDb)

Halle Bailey proved that it was above all those superficial and unfounded criticisms, and the film was finally released in May, receiving good reviews and acceptance by the majority of the public. Although it had a poorly balanced first weekend, where it remained at the top of the global box office but not with the millions that were expected, its following weeks in theaters worked very well and established it as a major success of the season and the first. semester of 2023.

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‘The Little Mermaid’ is now also a streaming success

After spending several weeks at the box office, since Disney wanted to squeeze as much as possible until the last day in commercial theaters, the film became one of the most anticipated for physical format, VOD and streaming service. The producer announced well in advance that The little Mermaid It would arrive on Disney Plus at the beginning of September, and now that the date has arrived, things are looking very good for the live action, which is already one of the most successful premieres on the platform, breaking some records along the way.

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According to deadlinethe adaptation obtained 16 million views in its first five days on the streaming service, becoming the most watched premiere on Disney Plus after the arrival of Abracadabra 2 – 70% which was so well received by the public that the company is already preparing another sequel. To analyze this, the production company defines a view as the total streaming time divided by the possible transmission time of the film, a system that Netflix also uses for its projections.

Little by little, Disney is sharing more information about its audience data, prioritizing the most anticipated premieres on the platform, which in turn allows for better comparative analysis with other streaming services. The production company also confirmed that the live-action remake made the original animated film improve its views in the catalog. With these results, it can be expected that the production company will continue with its plans to develop new versions of its classics in the coming years, with a new remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves – The Little Mermaid breaks record and becomes one of the most successful premieres on Disney Plus - The USA Print98% really close.

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