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Andres Garcia.

Andres Garcia.

Photo: Luis Veloz / reform agency

The life and work of the actor andres garcia could arrive very soon on television, since the production company Yolanda Garza he assured in an interview for the program ‘De Primera Mano’ that the actor gave him the rights to create a bioseries.

In 2020, the actor from ‘Pedro Navaja’ shared in an interview that he was writing a bioseries, because he wanted many people to know his story but told by him, so he wanted to produce and direct it with Garza.

Yolanda Garza commented that two years before she had been working every day with Andrés García to create it, since the actor commented that the pandemic was never going to go away.

“We recorded videos approximately six months ago, here we finished doing everything that has to do with his life, what he wants to be said, that’s how it was”said the producer.

Andrés García said that one of his strong cards to play him was William Levybecause he considered that the actor had bearing and was a good person.

Months later the actor repented, because he wanted whoever interprets him to have the same smile that he had and that characterized him for decades. Andrés García also commented that he did not want to involve his family, since Yolanda had proposed that her son Leonardo play him in the bioseries, but Andrés refused.

In the project they will tell how was the meeting that Andrés García had with Luis MiguelWell, in the bioseries of “El Sol” he did not like how they interpreted him.

So far there is no release date, but Yolanda will open a call to find three actors who look like Andrés García.

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