The Last of Us: Florence Pugh would have received an offer to play Abby

The Last of Us: Florence Pugh would have received an offer to play Abby

The Last of Us – The Last of Us: Florence Pugh would have received an offer to play Abby97% became a real surprise for fans of the video game, but also for lovers of the genre who were looking for something new on the small screen. The adaptation managed to break the curse in Hollywood on this type of project and overcame the skepticism of the majority. With excellent ratings, the production company quickly approved a second season and from that moment all fans began to speculate about the casting of Abby, a very important character in the canon who, apparently, was offered to Florence Pugh.

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What is ‘The Last of Us’ about?

Both the game and the series follow the same premise where a man named Joel, played by Pedro Pascal, must accompany Ellie, played by Bella Ramsey, to a safe place where they can analyze his blood, which appears to be immune to the infection that devastated him. a good part of humanity. In this case, the zombies were not created by a virus, but by the resistance of a fungus that controls the brain and body of its hosts, which creates monsters that are quite shocking and different from those usually seen in this type of stories.

As is common, the idea of ​​survival is not the only thing the plot has, since the true axis of the series is the relationship between the protagonists. Joel, who lost his daughter years ago, prefers to maintain an emotional distance from everyone, but Ellie’s free and striking personality causes a very special affection to grow between them that will define her future in this post-apocalyptic world. The game manages to balance very well the hopelessness of such a setting with the genuine and optimistic love that develops between the main characters, in addition to having great designs and narrative branches that were well adapted in the HBO series.

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Official poster for The Last of Us (Source: IMDb)
Official poster for The Last of Us (Source: IMDb)

The first installment of the game became an unprecedented sales success, so expectations for the second part were too high. When the title was finally released, fans did not know how to respond to the new story that completely changed what was established in its predecessor and threw Ellie into an even more tragic and lonely situation. In particular, the character of Abby is one that has given a lot to talk about and this sequel is basically a physical and emotional confrontation between these two young women.

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Without giving away spoilers, the character of Abby becomes the main antagonist of the game and her personality, history and development have been debated for months, with some simply hating her and others focusing on the more realistic details that would make such a person in a world So. Since the first season of The Last of Us adapted the entire arc of the first game, the second will continue with the sequel and will finally present Abby, a role that not everyone can take. Fans have been thinking about actresses who could do her justice for a long time, and one of the favorites is the protagonist of Don’t Worry Honey – 31%.

Will Florence Pugh play Abby?

Abby Anderson is a young woman seeking revenge for the murder of her father and was created by Neil Druckmann specifically so that the audience would hate her at the beginning and then learn to put themselves in her place thanks to the revelations about her past and her encounter with Ellie. Thanks to this care in her development, Abby became one of the most important figures in the canon and her appearance in the series must live up to it. Some time ago, Craig Mazin assured that the casting would surprise fans and now a new rumor claims that they did offer her role to Florence Pugh:

I heard from another source that Florence Pugh received an offer to play Abby before the strikes.

Does this mean Pugh will be Abby? Not really. Although this information is real, it only means that the producer offered the role to the performer, not that she said yes. It is known that the actress who will play Abby has already been chosen, but the creators cannot talk about it, much less now that the second season was delayed due to the strikes of writers and actors, so it will still take a long time before they confirm names, and many fans believe that it will be a little-known actress who could find in The Last of Us the right path for your career.

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