The lack of hugs caused a fentanyl crisis, says AMLO | The USA Print

The lack of hugs caused a fentanyl crisis, says AMLO

Mexico’s president said Friday that American families were guilty of the crisis of overdose of fentanyl for not giving enough hugs to their children.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s statement caps a week of provocative statements about the fentanyl crisis, a synthetic opioid trafficked by Mexican cartels that is blamed for some 70,000 deaths each year in the United States.

Lopez Obrador He opined that family values ​​have been lost in the United States because parents do not allow their children not to live in the house long enough. He has also denied that Mexico produces fentanyl.

The Mexican president said in his morning press conference on Friday that the cause of the problem was “the lack of hugs, of apapachos (gestures of affection).”

“There is a lot of disintegration of families, there is a lot of individualism, there is a lack of love, of fraternity, of hugs, of apapachos” in the United States, declared López Obrador. “They (Americans) should be directing funds to address the causes.”

Lopez Obrador has repeatedly opined that it is family values ​​that have saved Mexico from the wave of drug overdoses fentanyl. Experts say the Mexican cartels make so much money in the US market that they see no need to sell the opioid in their own country.

Instead, they prefer to sell methamphetamine in Mexico, where the drug is more popular because it supposedly helps people work more.

Calls in the United States to declare Mexican cartels terrorist organizations have infuriated López Obrador. Some Republicans have said they favor using the US military to crack down on cartels in Mexico.

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On Wednesday, Lopez Obrador He said that anti-drug policies in the United States had failed and proposed that both countries ban the use of the drug. fentanyl in medical treatments, despite the fact that the product that reaches the illegal market from hospitals is very scarce.

The US authorities estimate that most of the fentanyl it is produced in clandestine Mexican laboratories with Chinese chemical precursors.

Sporadic and isolated cases of vials of medicinal fentanyl reaching the illegal market have been reported. Most of the illegal fentanyl is smuggled by the cartels in pills that are made to look like drugs like Xanax, oxycodon, or Percocet.

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