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El expresidente Donald Trump a su llegada el martes 4 de  abril a la Corte en Manhattan.

Former President Donald Trump upon his arrival at the Courthouse in Manhattan on Tuesday, April 4.

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Care must be taken with the politicization of justice because without judicial impartiality democracy would come to an end. We refer to the beginning of the trial to donald trump after the historic reading of the 34 criminal charges of which it was caused this April 4, by the 23 jurors who investigated it.

There are many novelties in this case: as the first African-American prosecutor criminally accuses for the first time who also enters the political history of the United States in facing the first criminal trial; Richard Nixon was saved from being first because his successor Gerald Ford he forgave him, after resigning in 1973.

And although for different reasons, also for the first time several Democrats and Republicans agreed to remain silent and not comment on the merits of the case with which the prosecutor Alvin Bragg try to put behind bars Trump, Well, the defendant assures that it is a political hunt just when the electoral campaign for the next 2024 presidency is at stake in which he hopes to face President Joe Biden.

Trump did not go to jail, and after the hearing in the lower Manhattan courthouse, the leader of the Democratic majority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, was confident that he would have what he called a “fair trial.”

For the government party, silence is golden and nothing else was added, in order to avoid fueling criticism from Republicans who shout at the top of their voices that the case is political, as the speaker of the House said, kevin mccarthywho believes that Bragg tries to interfere in the elections.

Even the former president challenged his judge, the famous Juan Merchansince, despite being asked to avoid comments disturbing the peace, Trump went home to Mar-a-Lago to question both merchan like Braggsaying that the trial is only a strategy to stop his candidacy for the Republican party.

And it is on the shoulders of this Colombian immigrant that the responsibility of delivering justice to a person like Trump falls. For this reason, analysts are looking with a magnifying glass to explain what the strategy will be for the trial for the alleged falsification of documents and the bribery of Stormy Daniel in 2016, as they argue that these “payment agreements” for silence are common in the business world. , but it will dawn and we will see if merchan clarifies what crime Trump was trying to commit with that move.

That is why it is important that there be transparency in the process and that the judge apply justice, avoiding shadows on the real intention of the process.

The author, Sofía Villa, writes this column in her personal capacity and her opinions do not represent Televisa-Univision where she works as Writer/Producer.

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