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The Judgment Day gana los títulos en pareja indiscutibles en WWE Payback

The Judgment Day wins the undisputed tag team titles at WWE Payback

The members of The Judgment Day Finn Balor and Damian Priest challenge the duo of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn for the undisputed tag team titles at Payback, it will be the rise of Judgment Day or its breakup.

City of Steel Style Street Fight for the Undisputed Tag Team Championships

every monday night The Judgment Day claims to be the faction that dominates them all, however Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens want to prove otherwise and they have the problems your rivals have been having as a bonus, tonight we will see a steel city style street combat in Payback.

Without wasting time, everyone sets out to search various objects to punish your opponents in tribute to Terry Funk, we see trash cans and kendo sticks being used and members of Judgment Day take the lead Demonstrating that they overcome their differences, in a few moments they take the contest to the public area.

Dominik Mysterio shows up to help but Sami and KO using a hockey apparel, They hit their rivals with some sticks from said game with which they return to the ring with the advantage in their possession, now they bring out many metal chairs They put them in the ring, the physical punishment continues and again they go into the public.

Rhea Ripley and JD McDonag come to the rescue

Who gets the worst part is Dominik whose body breaks a table after the impact of Kevin Owens from the top, meanwhile Sami Zayn fights against Finn and Damian in the ring and manages to break a table with Finn’s body, KO returns to help and after a Helluva Kick for Damian, It seemed that victory was assured but JD McDonag saves Judgment Day.

The Judgment Day bathes in gold

Owens incapacitates JD McDonag but is surprised by Rhea Ripley who launches vs KO to break the barricade, Sami Zayn was about to pin Balor but Domink arrives just in time to stop the account, with this Finn Balor puts his arm on Sami and 1 2 3, The Judgment Day wins the undisputed tag team championships at Payback, the group meets to celebrate this triumph.

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