The judge investigates whether Piqué paid “gifts” to Rubiales from accounts in Andorra | Soccer | Sports


Luis Rubiales and Gerard Piqué, in an image from 2018.JM Cuadrado (Pool)

The investigation into alleged irregularities in the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) also looks towards Andorra. The head of the Court of First Instance and Instruction 4 of Majadahonda (Madrid), Delia Rodrigo, has sent two rogatory commissions (request for judicial assistance) to the authorities of the principality to collect information on possible bank accounts in the name of the former Barcelona CF footballer Gerard. Pique and nine companies linked to it. The judge investigates whether Piqué gave, through them, “economic gifts” to the former president of the federation Luis Rubiales or other directors of this organization “as a consequence of the negotiation for the celebration of the Spanish Football Super Cup” in Saudi Arabia. The dispute over the matches in this competition was reflected in an agreement for 264 million euros signed in 2019 between the then president of the Federation and the company Kosmos, of which Piqué is the founder and president, who charged a commission for it. So far there is no evidence that the former Blaugrana player appears as a defendant in the case, although there are several pieces declared secret whose content is not known.

In the second of these rogatory commissions, issued on September 28 and to which EL PAÍS has had access, the judge details that the investigation began in June 2022 and that only four months later she had already requested Andorra’s collaboration, but that Even though a year had passed, he had not received a response. The judge recalled that the case is investigating “the possible criminal illegality of the contracts signed by the RFEF with the purpose of holding the football Super Cup competition in Saudi Arabia.” To this end, the judge considered “it is essential to know and be able to carry out complete traceability of the funds received by the company Kosmos Football SL from SELA (the Saudi company that was in charge of organizing the competition).”

To justify the request, the magistrate highlights that the investigations had revealed “a large flow of money between the accounts of Kosmos, as well as that of Gerard Piqué and his entourage” and that 90% of the outflow of funds from the account that received the SELA payments were destined for accounts belonging to the former player’s business group or linked to it. The judge intends, therefore, to “investigate these current accounts in detail and analyze all the movements of money”, especially after stating that both Piqué and his main company “have important economic interests in the Principality of Andorra”, including a team of football, FC Andorra, which plays in the Spanish Second Division.

The judge initially focuses on the accounts. One, whose owner is precisely this club and which received 3.4 million euros from Kosmos between June 2019 and March 2022. The second, an account from which Piqué ordered to send 12 million euros to the Kerad Kolding company, which encompasses his conglomerate of companies. For all these reasons, it requests information about this last account, opened at Mora Banc “from 2019 to the present with the greatest level of detail possible”, including who its owners, co-owners and people authorized to operate with it are. She also asks to locate Piqué’s account from which he sent 2 million euros to Spain in February 2021, as well as any other deposit or financial product in which the former soccer player or nine of his companies appear as the owner. The request included the request that the Andorran authorities respond “within the shortest possible time.” It is not clear whether they have already sent the requested information.

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