The Idol: Fans Criticize The Weeknd’s Performance And Say It’s Terrible

The Idol: Fans Criticize The Weeknd's Performance And Say It's Terrible

The first chapter of The Idol- 19% It arrived on HBO Max this Sunday and quickly became the most watched on the platform, becoming a global trend on social networks. But the high number of reproductions is proportional to the negative comments, especially before the performance of The Weekndwho does not have fans delighted with his performance as Tedros.

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the idol is starring lily rose depp as Jocelyn, a pop superstar who has risen to cult status as Britney Spears: very young, beautiful, millionaire and globally famous; her life is completely focused on her career and she is burdened with the suffering caused by the press, personal tragedies and her own vulnerability. The series preaches that the life of idols is never easy, and that media attention only increases the daily pain.

In the first episode, Jocelyn visits a nightclub in Los Angeles with some of her friends. It is here that she meets Tedros, the owner of the place. They both like each other and she invites him to her house the next night. Although the idol is achieving remarkable performance on HBO Max and the performance of lily rose depp has received positive feedback, is the Abel Tesfaye “The Weeknd” like Tedros the one that has the public to the press issuing not very encouraging comments on social networks. Just read ‘On’the idol‘, Why Are the Weeknd’s Acting Skills Nonexistent?” (In The Idol, why are the acting skills of weekend are they non-existent?), the piece of Stephen Rodrick in Varietywho is in charge of ranting against the interpreter of “Blinding Lights”:

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Early in his appearance, (Tedros) sneaks up on Lily-Rose Depp as Jocelyn, the main character. He whispers something to her: ‘Welcome to my little shit hole.’ I don’t think he was talking about her acting skills, but you never know. (…) After inhaling a line, the closed caption reads ‘clear throat and spit’, easily the most authentic part of Tesfaye’s performance. All of this in no way sets up the tension and danger of the next scene where Tedros gets Jocelyn’s take on her life by nearly suffocating her in search of the perfect vocal performance.

the idol was created by himself Tesfaye and Sam Levinson, who during the last couple of years has been harshly criticized for being in charge of productions that hypersexualize the actors and romanticize all kinds of situations that in realistic contexts are highly dangerous and toxic; He has been accused of being addicted to pornography and of taking his hobby to the small screen without any real artistic motives, but rather for simple morbidity. This is often associated with Euphoria a series that Levinson also wrote and which includes abundant sexual scenes with older actors playing minors.

The second chapter of the idol will hit the HBO Max platform on June 11, can it achieve even better reproduction numbers and reach the top as the most watched of the summer? Below you can see some comments about the performance of The Weeknd.

I just watched The Idol and, Jesus Christ, it’s like a big-budget student movie. Sam Levinson is trying to be deep, but his writing is fucking weird. Also, The Weeknd’s character is fucking creepy and makes me hate the real Weeknd.

The Idol is just Sam Levinson saying, ‘Please, please undress, I’m an artist, please show me your breasts, I’m an artist, it’s art.’

The idol is so much fun. I would never let The Weeknd touch me.

The Weeknd is so fucking bad at acting.

The Idol: One hour long episode. Mediocre performance from both Lily and The Weeknd. Jennie is the prettiest. Good music, non-existent story. There is definitely scandalous content, but people will lose more interest because of the boring story.

The acting isn’t TERRIBLE, but I honestly don’t feel like I’m watching a creepy man taking advantage of a young woman, I feel like I’m watching The Weeknd trying to be creepy. Makes sense?

The Idol actually wasn’t that bad… if only you could ignore The Weeknd’s horrible acting and awkward, weird sex scenes. 900k isn’t that bad of an audience, but I really hope that from now on the series won’t be as gross as it was in episode one.

After this acting abomination I will never be able to take The Weeknd seriously again.

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