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'Danny' dress by Charo Ruiz

Ana Obregón smiles again three years after the death of her son Aless Lequio. The actress and presenter confirmed this Wednesday to the magazine Hello that she had become the grandmother of a girl she has named Ana Sandra. “It was the last will of my son Aless, to bring his son into the world,” the Madrid woman explained to the publication.

Hours after knowing this information that has become a debate, Ana shared an emotional message on social networks addressed to the great love of her life. “I swore that I would save you from cancer and I failed you. I promised that I would bring your daughter into the world and here I have her in my arms. When I hug her I feel an indescribable emotion, because it is as if I were hugging you again. I swear that I I will take care with the infinite love that I have to give and you will help me from heaven,” he said.

The birth of his granddaughter has made Obregón so happy that he has already decided to give up mourning after three years. In her photographic report, Ana wears a very springtime design by Charo Ruiz, a firm that has also dressed her in recent years with black designs. It should be noted that since she lost her son, the presenter only wore black and white.

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‘Danny’ dress by Charo Ruiz

Charo Ruiz

With a big smile and very excited, the woman from Madrid poses in the report with one of the dresses from the latest collection beautiful paradise of the designer. Specifically, Ana has chosen the model dannya romantic design with a fitted bodice made of 100% cotton and with a floral print in different shades of pink and red.

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The piece, priced at 579 euros, has a fitted bodice with flexible boning accompanied by a beautiful strapless sweetheart neckline and adorned with guipure that elegantly frames the neckline. It is fitted at the waist, a detail that highlights her figure, and the skirt stands out for its asymmetry and fluid fall.

Ana Obregón during the inauguration of the Aless Lequio Foundation

Ana Obregón during the inauguration of the Aless Lequio Foundation, dressed in black with a white flower


beautiful paradise is a collection where the exquisite and vibrant floral maxi print is the clear protagonist and it adds a touch of vitality to the designs, creating movement and a sensation of fluidity in the fabric in this new and exquisite collection of 2023 embroidery. In addition, the Rich, exotically inspired hues transform each individual piece into its own timeless masterpiece.