The Hospital de Granollers establishes a physical activity program for patients with multiple myeloma | The USA Print

The Hospital de Granollers establishes a physical activity program for patients with multiple myeloma

He Granollers General Hospital (Vallès Oriental) has established a new program for Improve Life Quality of patients with multiple myeloma based on physical exercise. The initiative, ForMMAis a pharmaceutical project Sanofi and seeks to combat the symptoms caused by the second most frequent hematological cancer.

multiple myeloma destroys bone marrow and involves, among other things, anemia, bone lesions, and viral and bacterial infections. EnforMMA is based on the prescription of various exercises to work on strength and flexibility in two weekly sessions of between 40 and 60 minutes. They can do the activity at home or in the hospital.

The initiative was presented this Tuesday, September 5, coinciding with the World Multiple Myeloma Daywhich is commemorated this Tuesday.

Attitude Improvement

The head of the Hematology Service of the General Hospital of Granollers, Esther Sanchohas pointed out that regular physical activity improves attitude because “makes you more positive and increases the relationship with other people”. Sancho has indicated that doctors make recommendations based on each patient and that is why “an investigation is carried out to find out how are they at a functional level“. He has calculated that around three weeks there are some first positive results, although it varies in each person.

The pharmaceutical company Sanofi highlights that EnforMMA seeks to promote safe and appropriate physical activation for each user profile. The program has the collaboration of the Spanish Community of Patients with Multiple Myeloma (CEMMP) and the Spanish Association of People Affected by Lymphonia, Myeloma and Leukemia (AEAL), and with the endorsement of the Spanish Society of Hematology and Hemotherapy (SEHH). The president of AEAL, Marcos Martinezhas thanked the project to “visualize” this disease and “to contribute to the improvement of the day to day” from the patients.

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Although they can perform the exercises in the hospital, the same center has a hospital prescription kit that complements the treatment for patients once they have been discharged, so that they can carry out activities at home.

“I have gone four years without a relapse”

Juan Torrijos Perez, 63 years old and a resident of Granollers, he was diagnosed with the pathology at the end of 2018 and treatment began in the first quarter of 2019. “I’ve been four years without a relapse“, he celebrated. In his opinion, “continuous improvement” is needed with these diseases and he is grateful that there are proposals that go along this line.

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Torrijos has advised “have maximum confidence” with medical staff, because “it takes months” to learn what patients are up against after they are diagnosed with the disease, a struggle even with death,” he added.

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