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On YouTube, he extolled to anyone who would listen the virtues of fasting or raw food to fight against serious pathologies such as cancer or diabetes. Thierry Casasnovas was indicted for many counts: “breach of trust”, “forgery and use of forgery”, “illegal practice of medicine”, “illegal practice of pharmacy”, “misuse of corporate assets”, “misleading commercial practices”, “money laundering” And ” abuse of weakness “. This was detailed by the public prosecutor of Perpignan, Jean-David Cavaillé, in a press release reported by the local press.

First placed in police custody, the alleged 48-year-old naturopath was placed under judicial supervision, with the prohibition to participate or organize courses or training related to naturopathy, health and well-being. The arrest of Thierry Casasnovas took place on Tuesday March 7, as part of a judicial investigation open in Perpignan since the summer of 2020.

To date, Thierry Casasnovas’ YouTube channel has over 593,000 subscribers and 841 videos.

A man suspected of sectarian aberrations for years

Thierry Casasnovas has been in the sights of Miviludes, Interministerial Mission for Vigilance and the Fight against Sectarian Aberrations, for several years now.

In its latest annual report, made public in November 2020, Miviludes indicated that it had received in 2021 more than fifty reports against this « raw food guru “. Miviludes even describes it as “ slippery », a term that comes from the contraction of two words: slippage and therapist. “ It encourages people to challenge medical therapeutic practices, explaining, for example, that chemotherapy is toxic and ineffective “, indicated the authority in its report. “ In his YouTube videos, he claims that diseases do not exist and accuses drugs and vaccination of being harmful to health », writes Miviludes again. The mission claims to have received many testimonies from people deploring particularly serious situations involving relatives who, under the influence of the doctrine advocated by Thierry Casasnovas, “ would have given up on their medical treatments, lost weight and showed serious signs of weakening “. “ It thus emerges that mental grip that this individual would exert on fragile people, the isolation induced by his remarks, the break with the previous environment, the antisocial discourse and the exorbitant nature of the financial demands are observable criteria in this situation and are likely to encourage sectarian aberration “, she said again.

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At the time of writing, Thierry Casasnovas’ Youtube channel and Twitter and Instagram accounts are still active.

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