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The Government is not joking about Vox’s motion of no confidence, which it will register this Monday and will have the economist and former leader of the Communist Party Ramón Tamames as its candidate. The Moncloa has decided to give the maximum political relevance to this Vox initiative, the second that it presents. On the contrary, the PP tries to ridicule it and its leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, who met with Tamames at his house and tried to stop the motion, catalogs it as “Show”.

The Government has in its power to control the times, because the Constitution sets a minimum of five days to substantiate the initiative from the time it is registered, but not a maximum. Through the president of the Congress, Meritxell Batet, a trusted person of Pedro Sánchez, the president can choose the moment in which this motion is voted on. The usual thing in recent cases has been one or two months to process it, which would bring the vote closer to the next regional elections. But the decision does not seem to have been taken yet, according to government sources, who recall that the motion has not yet been registered.

The one that was voted at full speed, in a week, was precisely the only one that was successful in Spanish democratic history, the one that Sánchez himself presented in 2018. Mariano Rajoy then decided to resolve it very quickly to try to stop it, but he achieved the opposite effect: that Speed ​​made it easier for him to leave because he did not give time to long negotiations that could have ruined the initiative or at least would have given the president time to maneuver against it. By the time Rajoy began to move, the PNV’s decision, which was key, had already been taken: it did not want to be the party that would save the leader of the PP after a harsh sentence on the Gurtel case.

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For the Government, this Vox motion, which if it followed the usual trend would arrive around April, is a “great opportunity” to distinguish the two models to govern in Spain, according to the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños. For him, Congress will see the dilemma that the Spanish will face in the elections between the progressive coalition government and the bloc of the right and the ultra-right. Bolaños said this during a visit to Barcelona to support the organization of the 37th edition of the Copa América de Vela that will begin in the Catalan capital on August 22, 2024. According to Bolaños, the government model increases salaries, scholarships and pensions while The Vox and PP model “is against everything” and wants Spanish citizens to go backwards in rights and quality of life.

The Government uses the fact that Feijóo met Tamames at his house to also link him to the motion. On the contrary, on a visit to Ciudad Real, Feijóo confirmed that his formation will abstain from voting on the motion of no confidence, and ridiculed it. “Spain and politics must be taken more seriously than a couple of afternoons in Congress with someone who knows that he is not going to be president, and with a party that has thought of increasing the Show parliamentary”, censured the president of the PP. Feijóo expressed his discomfort that Santiago Abascal’s party offers a way out for the “convulsed, divided and imploding government”, in relation to the division of the coalition for the reform of the law of only yes is yes. In the opinion of the president of the conservative formation, the motion “it is done with little respect” for public institutions. The PP believes that Vox is doing the Pedro Sánchez government a favor with this motion, which the Socialists can use to reunite their majority and contrast with the extreme right in the middle of the pre-election period.

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For her part, the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, this Thursday expressed her respect for Ramón Tamames, a former communist leader. “I can only respect that he has gone from the Communist Party of Spain to the option that today seems to represent him. Absolute respect”, the Minister of Labor also stated during a visit to the ARCO art fair.

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