The G7 will study the conditions for Ukrainians to negotiate | The USA Print

The G7 will study the conditions for Ukrainians to negotiate

The leaders of the G7 they will address in their summit in Hiroshima, Japan, how to create the “right” conditions for the parties to the conflict in Ukraine sit down to negotiate, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said Wednesday.

Sullivan told reporters aboard Air Force One en route to Japan that the leaders of the world’s most industrialized countries will discuss the battlefield situation in Ukraine and community-imposed sanctions. international.

“They are also going to talk about reconstruction, economic and humanitarian support for Ukraine and on how to establish the right conditions, with progress on the battlefield, to shape an eventual negotiating table,” he said.

On this last point, he stressed that the G7 leaders will focus on how to prevent those sanctions imposed on Russia and its allies from being circumvented.

In this sense, he announced that “the United States will have a package of sanctions associated with the statement of G7 that will rotate around the theme of your application”.

Even so, he did not want to confirm whether the sanctions against Russia will focus on a global ban on its exports and limited himself to reiterating that the summit will focus on the issue of the application of said sanctions and on avoiding their evasion.

Sullivan anticipated that there will be “some type of contact” between the leaders of the G7 and the president of UkraineVolodimir Zelensky, but that its “parameters” have not yet been fully set.

Other topics on the agenda of the summit, which will take place between May 19 and 21, will be clean energy and the strengthening of supply chains, as well as China, on which Sullivan anticipated that “an alignment and convergence” by the members of the G7 (USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada, Italy, Japan) and the European Union.

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He stressed that the final communiqué of the meeting will mention economic coercion by China and economic security, but he did not want to offer more details.

Regarding the cancellation of Biden’s visit to Papua New Guinea and Australia, after the trip to Japan, to continue with the negotiations in the US to raise the national debt ceiling, Sullivan explained that the president has maintained the stop in Hiroshima because he feels it is “crucial” to be in the G7.

“This particular format is very central to reaching alignment and convergence with key countries,” Sullivan said, while recalling that Australia and India will be in Hiroshima, so Biden will have the opportunity to speak on the sidelines of the meeting. summit of the G7 with their counterparts in the “Quad”, as the group made up of those countries, the US and Japan, is called against China.

“The work with the Pacific islands can be done at a later date, while the phase of the debt limit negotiations cannot be delayed. The suspension of payments cannot be postponed, but the trip can be postponed,” he summarized.

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