The Frenchman Paul Pogba would have taken a testosterone supplement on the recommendation of “a doctor friend”, according to the Italian press | The USA Print

Paul Pogba provisionally suspended while investigations into alleged doping take place

The Frenchman Paul Pogba would have taken a testosterone supplement on the recommendation of "a doctor friend", according to the Italian press | The USA Print

Frenchman Paul Pogba’s controversy could have been the fault of a friend of his. The Juventus player underwent an anti-doping test last Monday in the first Serie A match of the 2023-2024 season against Unidese and came back positive for traces of testosterone.

As reported by Gazzetta Dello Sport, The positive test for testosterone would be due to taking a supplement purchased by the French midfielder in the United States on the advice of a “doctor friend.”

In the North American country there are different rules related to doping, so, according to the Italian media, Pogba would have shown “recklessness” by taking this supplement “by mistake.”

The same medium indicated that Pogba would have notified the Juventus doctors just this Tuesday that he had taken unauthorized substances, so the team was unaware of the supplement. and now the player must demonstrate his lack of intentionality, which does not save him from suspension.

And disqualification for doping could last up to two years, which could be expanded to four if it is proven that the athlete had intention to dope.

After learning the news of the French midfielder’s positive result, his agent Rafaela Pimienta defended the footballer: “We are waiting for the counteranalyses and we cannot give an opinion before the results.”. What is certain is that Paul Pogba never wanted to break any rules,” the agent said in statements to RMC Sport.

Pogba was provisionally suspended by the Italian anti-doping agency for the alleged violation of codes 2.1 and 2.1 of the “Sports Anti-Doping Rules”, which sanctions the use and even attempted consumption of prohibited substances.

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The Frenchman will be tried by the Italian national anti-doping court, unless he decides to accept his guilt. The possible sanction would involve staying away from the fields for two to four years, so at 30 years old, Pogba’s career would be seriously affected.

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