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Desde que Elon Musk llegó a Twitter la plataforma se ha visto incierta.

Jack Dorsey, known for being the co-founder of Twitter, offered a few days ago his point of view about the role that Elon Musk is playing as CEO of the social network which he bought for $44 billion.

Since before the sale was finalized, the negotiation drew media attention because Musk wanted some points already agreed to be modified, in what It seemed to be a bargain to get a better price.

Ultimately, Musk bought the company and Jack Dorsey gave his opinion on his performance for the first time on the Bluesky social networkwhich was started with his help and which is shaping up to be a competitor to Twitter.

Dorsey was critical and candid saying that “everything went downhill” after the acquisition of Twitter by the tycoon.

The opinion arose from a question from a Bluesky user, who asked if he thought Musk was the right person to lead Twitter:

“No. And I also don’t think he acted correctly when he realized that it was a bad time (for the sale). Nor do I think management should have forced the sale. Everything went downhill”Dorsey replied.

Musk is a successful businessman with large companies that have led him to forge one of the largest fortunes in the world, but since he bought Twitter has made decisions that have surprised the majority due to the visceral nature of the measures.

It is known that Jack Dorsey was close friends with Musk, but now he doubts his leadership and is participating in the social network Bluesky Socialwhich has aroused great interest and is already among the most successful applications in the App Store, at the level of others such as BeReal, TextNow, Google Meet, Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook.

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This new social network is characterized by its emphasis on user security and privacys, and it is similar to Twitter. It is a microblogging platform that allows text posts with short messages, interaction buttons for users to give their opinion, share and express whether they like the content.

It is also known that Mark Zuckerberg plans to compete with Twitteras it is developing a decentralized social network codenamed “P92” where content creators and public figures will share text-based posts.

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