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The Flash: it is confirmed that there is already a script for the sequel

That long wait for the premiere of Flash almost finish. Just a few days after the release of the movie based on the DC comics, the conversation around the proposal, its possible performance at the box office and the future of ezra miller it keeps increasing. The importance of this film for the franchise has a lot at stake, but while fans wait for a verdict to be rendered on the version of the superhero that this actor plays, the possibility of a sequel with a script that is already written is already being mentioned.

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Miller’s future may not be decided after the film due to the studio’s hope of working on a sequel and because the director Andy Muschietti he believes that no other actor could play the superhero as well. According to Varietyalthough it has not been announced by Warner Bros., there is a script that is ready and it was written by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick (Aquaman- 73%). At the moment the sequel is not sure, but the company has it there to see how the film develops from its premiere.

Another thing to consider is that the fact that there is a complete script so soon could mean that the studio may have prepared itself first in case the writers’ union strike prevents it from immediately continuing production. potential sequel. Also, it could be that both stories are deeply connected and that is why a script exists from before the premiere of the adaptation.

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However, this makes us think that there is much more at stake than just the box office: the studio could be waiting on the public’s reaction to ezra miller after incidents of intimidation, harassment, disturbance of public order, among other situations that put the protagonist of Flash at a crossroads due to his behavior. After all, Warner Bros. has gone ahead with promoting their movie, which seems expensive, but they’ve left out any relationship with Miller and not the other actors.

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There’s also the fact that Muschietti said that no one else could take the role of Flash since that particular vision of the superhero was tailor-made for Miller. However, if the executives decide to replace the actor, there isn’t much the filmmaker can do. The new script is said to feature the characters from michael keaton and sasha streetbut the medium reminds us of what the director said to the podcast The Discourse on bringing back the actor:

If it happens [una secuela], Yeah. I don’t think there’s anyone who can play that character as well as they do. The other portrayals of the character are great, but this particular take on the character, they just stood out doing it. He feels like a character made for them.

The story of Flash It is perfect for the franchise that contains DC’s superheroes and villains to make a clean slate, but with the new information it remains in doubt what the study’s plan will be. After spoilers about a post-credits scene in the movie, we’d think it could go either way at some point. James Gunn and peter safran they should be involved in whatever is going on right now, so in that sense at least we can expect their decision to be consistent with their announced plans for this universe.

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Flash will be released in the second week of June and according to the media it has been indicated that ezra miller could have a minimal participation in the events that will take place for its launch to continue to maintain a low profile and give prominence to the co-stars of this ambitious project by Warner Bros. and DC Comics.

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