The FBI warns of the kidnapping of another American woman in Mexico | The USA Print

María del Carmen López in a photograph published by the FBI with the statement of her kidnapping.fbi

The FBI has sent a new notice this Thursday for the kidnapping of an American woman in the State of Colima, in eastern Mexico. The statement comes amid tensions between the United States and Mexico, originating from the kidnapping at the beginning of March of four Americans in the municipality of Matamoros, in Tamaulipas, an event that ended with the murder of two of them.

María del Carmen López, 63, was kidnapped from her residence in the small town of Pueblo Nuevo on February 9. The security service has offered $20,000 in exchange for information that helps locate the woman who, they say, “is a US citizen.” The FBI has begun investigations together with the Mexican authorities.

The disappearance of the four Americans has so far led to the arrest of six people for kidnapping, five of whom have also been charged with murder. The latter were allegedly delivered by the Gulf Cartel, tied up and accompanied by a piece of cardboard, in which they stated that the individuals had acted “under their own determination and indiscipline.”

What happened in Matamoros has given wings to American conservatives to support their electoral strategy, fueled by an anti-Mexican discourse. In recent days, some Republican congressmen have tried to pressure Mexico to rethink its security strategy to deflate drug trafficking in the region, and have proposed classifying Mexican cartels as terrorist groups. The responses from the Executive led by Andrés Manuel López Obrador were not long in coming. The president called the politicians who proposed taking the US Army against the cartels inside the Mexican border “wimps and interventionists.”

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“The US military is not going to solve the problem of the cartels, these proposals do not bring the solutions we need,” he stated last week in one of his morning conferences. For his part, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard also expressed his dissatisfaction with the critical discourse of the United States, assuring that they would not allow “Mexico to be run over.” Last Monday, López Obrador assured that “Mexico is much safer than the US”, and assured that he will seek to endorse the dialogue with the Joe Biden Administration.

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