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The fascist cage and the phobia of the left towards the mob

The cyclone of the extreme right that threatens to flood Europe with votes after Giorgia Meloni’s recent victory in Italy is causing the left to activate anti-fascist alerts again and again. According to the official plebephobe account, people who once voted for the left have turned overnight racists, homophobes, supremacists, and even advocates of a rape culture.and now, driven by their most irrational instincts, they support neo-fascist parties that put the survival of the “great European values” at risk and threaten to return us to a Europe prior to 1945.

While it is true that the extreme-rights present characteristics that we could define as fascist (although for different reasons than those advertised by the left), there is no basis to argue that most people vote for them because of their reactionary ideology. It is very possible that the exact opposite is happening, and that more and more citizens are depositing in the extreme right all the dose of skepticism that a vote impliesas this is the only option that, disguising itself as a conservative, maintains a minimal Republican agenda at a rhetorical level.

It is true that it is a grotesque republicanism, because if the extreme right of Trump, Meloni or Orban is successful, it is because it keeps alive the spirit (but not the form, except in cases like Poland) of the meager social policy that defined fascism classic, but passing it off as an economically progressive policy at the very moment when the left has renounced the wealth redistribution policies that have always characterized it and has replaced them with laws for the poor that make inequality chronic (minimum income, single bonus of 200 euros, etc.). In this ideological farce in which the roles seem to be reversed, it is not surprising that it is the extreme right -not the liberal right- that says it wants to defend the basic and inalienable freedoms of every individual, in order to combat the barrage of punitive policies defended by the left in its new role of revolutionary vanguard (identity politics involved) of capitalism. This far-right republicanism is tragic because, by presenting itself as the only possible one, it makes invisible any alternative to our disturbing present and turns what was previously reactionary into a false sign of progress.

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We are, therefore, confined to a huge fascist cage that the global governance structures have been building to promote the transition from a neoliberal society with a democratic appearance to an openly authoritarian technocratic society. In this scenario, we run the risk of believing that in order to flee from the avant-garde fascism that the left defends, we must listen to the siren songs of classic fascism promoted by the old jailers of the extreme right. But we must not deceive ourselves. In both cases the only thing that can save us, popular sovereignty, is banished to the realm of the unimaginable, which is replaced by the left by a conception of anti-democratic and class sovereignty, called global sovereignty or co-governance, and by the extreme right for a perverse version of national sovereignty.

In the midst of this struggle between fascist models, it is fair to recognize that the vanguard fascism of the left, faced to the death with the social majority that they should represent, today represents the real social danger, bet on the creation of a new man who completely breaks with the past and obeys the desires of a post-human global technocracy which not only annuls any division of powers, but also leads us, in our context of green capitalism and forced digitization, to a class society.

The Hobbessian Left

We are facing a full-fledged mutation in the genome of the left, which has gone from mistrusting the nature of power to being suspicious of human nature and to consider that it is power (mainly the economic power of the great global governance structures) that has to correct each and every one of the citizens (especially if they are from the lower class, since they will be sexists, homophobes, enemies of the planet ) and discipline them until their behavior coincides with the unattainable (and inhuman, as asocial) ideals promoted by identity politics and posthuman ideology.

The new Hobbesian lefts not only whitewash this regime, but are the vanguard of it

This Hobbesian left, which makes an apology for formal rights that have always been the territory of capitalism and its hypocritical defense of individual freedom (hence the contractual monstrosities of identity politics), replaces the wealth redistribution measures typical of the historical lefts for a whole range of new “crimes” (against others, against the planet, against animals) that they consider the common citizen, for the mere fact of existing and possessing a human life, as a criminal who must be subjected to a regime of continuous imputation that takes away your basic rights. In this new Orwellian world in which even the habeas corpus seems to be in danger, every social mechanism – family, couple, neighborhood, etc. – for conflict resolution is presented as a sign of an archaic human past that must be abandoned in order to deliver both personal autonomy and popular sovereignty to a global state that I managed it.

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These pseudo-ethical policies are normalizing the implementation of major authoritarian reforms such as the Digital Service Act (already in force in the EU) or the project of the Human Rights Act Reform of the British Parliament, which they defend the suppression of basic rights in the name of an ineffable public good that, as in any fascist regime, will be determined by a technocratic elite or even by large digital corporations. The new Hobbesian lefts not only launder this regime, but are the vanguard of it, as demonstrated by the policies promoted by neoliberal socialists such as Jacinda Ardern, who has approved the total ban on smoking under penalty of almost 100,000 euros in New Zealand.

In this sense, journalists such as Whitney Webb, Branko Marketic or Glenn Greenwald have been warning for some time that the US has already replaced its genocidal global war against Islamic terrorism with an internal war against citizens who question government decisions or the new world order, who are branded as fascists or supremacists. According to this inquisitorial story that the Spanish left is colonially accepting as its own, not only are all those who demand their rights dangerous agents of the extreme right (such as the truckers who called a transport strike in March 2022) but also anyone -your partner, your children, your neighbor, your parents- is suspected of being part of a dangerous fifth column of neo-fascists.

If, despite the multiple evidences, someone thinks that I exaggerate, just read the reaction of the neo-leftist guru Gerardo Tecé to the electoral victory of Giorgia Meloni in the magazine ctxt: “Meloni is your relative who sends racist jokes on WhatsApp without anyone calling her attention for not generating a conflict (…), she is the co-worker who thinks at breakfast that the woman is going too far in the matter of equality (…), it is the student who can break up the class, insult the teacher and harass his classmates knowing that the law protects him, that no one can lay a hand on him.” In undoubtedly fascist rhetoric, Tecé not only turns anyone close to us into an execrable subject, but he knowingly lies when he says that there are no protocols and laws that protect victims of bullyingin order to claim the need to take justice into their own hands and break the face of the problematic teenager who not only becomes a fascist, but embodies all the fascists (anyone who disagrees) that would now be necessary and legitimate give them a beating

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