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Dare to fight for dreams is the first step to fulfill them. Carlos Alcaraz is the living example, the most recent exponent, that there is no goal big enough for those who leave their skin in the attempt. Behind his success there is talent, a natural facility for the sport, but mainly there is sacrifice and a will to work.

At just 20 years old, an age where careers are still looking for direction, he has won his first Grand Slam title in New York. He has achieved it in one of the most difficult tournaments of the year. With the added difficulty of playing a final where both players opted for number 1 in the world, carrying unprecedented pressure on their shoulders.

With the bulk of his career yet to be written, his name has already been etched in the history of the sport. That is the pace at which Carlos walks. In the blink of an eye, he has become the youngest man ever to step on top of the circuit. In a global sport, full of icons for decades. None walked as fast as the Murcian is doing.

Only 28 players have managed to occupy the first position on the circuit since the creation of the ATP Ranking, which in 2023 will celebrate its 50th anniversary. It is not a place that just anyone goes to. In Spain, only three figures had managed to put the rubric at the top before Carlos. Carlos Moyà, Juan Carlos Ferrero and Rafael Nadal have a successor, although it is still difficult for us to assimilate him.

Carlos has made it clear that he is a sports prodigy, a figure who has crossed out the word future to underline the present. The promise label has long since moved away from his name, earning the respect of the most veterans. Since he won his first professional match at the age of 16, his climb has been dizzying until he conquered the entire world.

It is a figure that hooks. His plasticity, his speed, that charisma that he gives off with a smile, he is capable of connecting with everyone from the first ball. He has a lot of room for improvement, there will be situations that he will tolerate better when he accumulates experience, and that is the most impressive of all. In a very early version of his talent, he has already managed to dominate the circuit.

Surrounded by a wonderful team, with Juan Carlos Ferrero at the helm, the road is moving steadily forward. After climbing to number 1 on the same stage that his coach did, the script seemed written for both. Knowing the emotions of living such a moment, Alcaraz couldn’t have a better mentor by his side.

Now we will live a moment of great expectation. Fame will increase worldwide, the media will be its shadow and brands will have a claim to support themselves. The fans will chant his name in each tournament and an expectation will surround him that he will need to assimilate from normality. I trust that his environment will find the best balance so that the pitch remains the main focus.

He has achieved glory from his naturalness, preserving the essence of a calm boy, who enjoys simple things. He is a young man who has conquered us from the beginning, who must be able to write his own story without comparisons or added pressure.

Let’s enjoy the great talent that our sport has added in the figure of a wonderful prodigy. Let him advance at his own pace, making us enjoy and celebrating his successes.

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