The EvAU also prepares on Twitter: students vent, cry and light candles |  Technology

The ancient ritual of putting out a candle has moved to the digital world; more specifically, to Twitter. Second-year high school students who this week are taking the EvAU (University Access Evaluation, whose name depends on the autonomous community) are resorting to the lit candle emoticon to invoke luck in the face of exams. That symbol, along with the emoji the cry, the skull, the tear with a smile and the face falling apart, has been the most repeated in the last week. Its use has increased 59% compared to the previous week, according to data from Twitter. The peak was recorded on Monday, the first day of exams. Conversation about selectivity in general is up 116%.

As D-Day, June 6, approached, when most of the Communities began this test, the presence of students and users of the platform who come to this space to express their fears and anxieties multiplied. ; most of the time, with a sense of humor.

The traditional jokes about studying last minute, lack of sleep or discarding topics to memorize a few less facts were repeated the day before, but since the first tests took place, the questions that had fallen began to take on more prominence. and comparisons between one exam model and another, according to the branch of knowledge and the region.

Although, as the platform has recorded, 64% of the conversation around the test was carried out by the examined users, born in 2004, and other young people between 18 and 24 years old, also a good number of people who took it years ago They have taken advantage of the occasion to remember their “mili”, give advice to the rookies and express their opinion on the political aspects of the exam.

Apart from these debates, which are repeated year after year on this and other networks, the novelty of this call is that the online platform for university notes Wuolah has created the first Twitter community related to the test: The cry of the EBAU. Some users have joined to share their regrets, although, until the second day of exams, no more than 70 users have done so.

The true protagonist has been the content creator Ibai Llanos, who, once again, has shared his message of encouragement to the students who face the test.

Less than five minutes after posting it, the video already had two thousand ‘likes’. The next day, with almost 65,000, more than 8,000 retweets, 1,500 comments and more than a million views.d

In fact, Llanos was also the protagonist of a text of the Castilian Language and Literature test of the Region of Murcia, something that gave rise to numerous memes during the first day of exercises.

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