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The emotional video with which Pomellato defends women's freedom

Female voices that stand out in different fields, from sport to the big screen, come together this Wednesday for 8M in the Pomellato studio. The jewelry store brings together its brand ambassadors in an emotional video to delve into what women’s freedom is and how each of them has felt at some point in her career that she has been deprived of it.

“We tend to take freedom for granted,” explains actress Jane Fonda during her interview for this short. She is joined on screen by talents such as performer Joey King, Italian volleyball player Paola Egonu and Nasim Eshqi, activist and Iranian professional climber, the latter admits that she has always felt that her freedom was restricted: “I could not choose what to wear or be a non-believer”.

The video led by Sabina Belli, CEO of the Milanese brand, seeks to be a heartfelt tribute to the feminist struggle and serves as an introduction to the firm’s awareness campaign, #PomellatoForWomen.

This platform was born in 2017 with the aim of creating a dialogue around the positive empowerment of women to promote real change. Since then, the brand has launched a video every year that includes well-known faces from different industries that give voice to this fight and make visible the situation of women today.

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