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The eight cultural events to celebrate 8-M

In it International Women’s Day all rights achieved by women are claimed. This 8-M the streets of thousands of cities will be filled with protests. In Madrid, up to three demonstrations are planned in different areas.

On this day, and throughout the week, other cultural events are organized throughout Spain. These are some of the ones you cannot miss to celebrate 8-M.

Tribute to great theater actresses in Madrid

The Academy of Performing Arts of Spain pays tribute in a public act this Wednesday, March 8 at the Instituto Cervantes to Maria Galiana, Josefina Meneses, Rosa Valenty, Carmen Rojas and pacita tomas.

In the act, five men –Luis Garcia Monterodirector of the Cervantes Institute; Daniel Whitedirector of the Teatro de la Zarzuela; Joaquin Gomez de Segura y Mayorgaplaywright; Antonio Najarrodancer and choreographer and Juan Echanovetheater, film and television actor- will extol their figures with a brief profile.

Grenada 100% Woman

This coming Saturday, the singer from La Mancha Rozalén heads the poster of ‘Granada 100% woman’. It is a festival designed by the Granada city council with the Revivir la Azucarera Platform that will offer ten hours of women’s culture for everyone.

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Also in Andalusia, specifically in Seville, the Museum of Fine Arts is going to do two daily tours explaining the importance of women in the paintings of the art gallery.

Concert at the Liceo de Barcelona

This March 8, the Music Conservatory of the Liceo de Barcelona will highlight the role of women through music. He will present two concerts at the Live Room Convervatori Liceu in which there will be the participation of some of the students of the Conservatory who will interpret “Amb veus de Dona” (18:00) and “Boleros en femení” (19:00).

An audiovisual project in Bilbao

The Bilbao Fine Arts Museum exhibits the audiovisual project ikuspuntuak. It is a project led by the filmmaker Tamara Garcia Iglesias (Lasarte-Gipuzkoa, 1978), a new narrative about the work of eight women artists from their own collection, produced by other creators who are developing their work today.

Among them, renowned authors such as Estíbaliz Sádaba, Mabi Revuelta, Malus Arbide and Elena Goñiand young creators like Maider Aldasoro and Amaia Suberbiolawho talk about his work and his influences in as many 12-minute episodes projected in a loop.

Music and genre festival in Pamplona

From March 7 to 11, it takes place the second edition of the Music and Genre Festival ‘Purple Music-Musika Morea’which until Friday will give visibility to women through recitals, talks, exhibitions, colloquiums, concerts, round tables and jam sessions in the City of Music.

The best film of all time according to Sight & Sound

The movie of Chantal Akermann “Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles” (1975), recently distinguished by the British magazine ‘Sight & Sound’ as the best in history, is re-released in theaters by the hand of Filmin, a work against the current of a pioneer of feminism in cinema.

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The title will be part of a cycle that will reach theaters in different Spanish cities such as the Ocine circuit, Cineteca, the Reina Sofía Museum, the film libraries of Cantabria, Andalusia or Zaragoza, the Numax cinemas in Galicia or the Zumzeig in Barcelona, ​​and in which will include other titles by the Belgian director such as “Hôtel Monterey” (1972), “Le 15/8” (1973), “Yo, tú, él, ella” (1974) or “News from Home” (1976).

The legacy of Carmen de Burgos, Lejárraga, Zambrano and Caffarel

This 8-M, the Caja de las Letras of the Cervantes Institute will host the legacy of Carmen de Burgos, María Lejárraga, María Zambrano and Carmen Caffarelall women with a “prominent role in culture and thought that has been in force since the last century.”

The event, which can be followed on the Cervantes website, will be attended by Maria Jose GalvezGeneral Director of Books and the Promotion of Reading and the Second Vice President of the Government and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Diazamong other.

Silvia Marsó recites ‘The voice of her mistress’

The actress Silvia Marso recites in the civic center of Zaragoza, songs and poems by women who left their mark on Ibero-American culture. She will perform live accompanied on guitar by the musician, singer, filmmaker and composer “Yorch” (Jorge Naranjo).

She will read poetry and thoughts of authors from the 17th century to the present day, from Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, to Santa Teresa, Mercedes Sosa, Gabriela Mistral, Rosalía de Castro, Ida Vitale, La Argentinita, Gloria Fuertes, Violeta Parra, Rozalén, Concha Mendez, or Rosalia.

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