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The preselection of Spain for the Oscars does not usually decline in a simple decision for the Academy of our country. However, this year seemed more complicated than ever. On one side was the experienced Rodrigo Sorogoyen with his Ace Beasts and on the other, the gaze on the motherhood of five little wolvesfruit of the genius of debutante Alauda Ruiz de Azúa. Any other year, either of these two works would have been a firm and favorite candidate, however this edition has had to compete against the phenomenon alcarràs by Carla Simon. But Who is this filmmaker who has conquered an international Festival as relevant as the Berlinale?

alcarràs is the one chosen by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. As always, it must be emphasized that this election does not mean that the proposal will be nominated in the category of best international film. Ahead of them is a tough journey in which the Oscar Academicians will be ruling out proposals from different countries, until they are left with 5 titles. The last time that Spain had a representative among the possible winners was with pain and glory by Pedro Almodovarunable to do anything against parasitesthe breakthrough film of 2020. This year, the good pattern he stayed at the gates and did not pass the last cut. we hope that alcarràs give us more luck.

‘Alcarràs’ (Elástica Films)

Carla Simón: A cinema of simplicity full of meaning

Carla Simon

Carla Simon Pipo is a director born in Barcelona in 1986 who graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2009 and ended up studying the Master of Arts from the London Film School. There she directed the documentary Born positivewhich follows three young Londoners who were born with HIV and the short film lipstick. But success really came to her very early, when she filmed summer 1993 (his first film) at the age of 30. This film, which talks about loss from the perspective of a girl and which is based on the director’s own childhood, was also the work chosen by Spanish academics for the 2018 Oscars. Among the many awards, summer 1993 he took 3 Goya Awards and 5 Feroz Awards.

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‘Alcarràs’ (Movistar+)

With alcarràs international growth seems evident. This proposal on the importance of the family in times of crisis broke a long-standing curse of our cinema with the German contest. The second film by the Catalan director, cultivated with care and collected the Golden Bear, 40 years after Mario Camus did the same thanks to Beehive. 2 out of 2, in films shot and direct to the Oscars, an atypical record that is difficult to maintain, but one that marks the way. With the work of filmmakers like Carla Simón, the future of talented Spanish cinema is more than guaranteed.

alcarràs It is available for rent on platforms such as AApple TV, Filmin or Amazon Prime Video. Although given its future success and the more than likely Goya nominations, it will not take long to return to Spanish cinemas.