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the world of podcast has grown older. He has done it in Malaga, at the Teatro del Soho Caixabank, where the stars of the best national and international productions have gathered at the first edition of the Global Waves Podcast Awards. The event has brought together more than 600 people in the stands of the stage space owned by actor Antonio Banderas, where the red carpet has provided the glamor. [El lector puede consultar la lista completa de premiados al final de este artículo]

In total, 21 awards have been given in a ceremony as dynamic as it is fun. Carolina Iglesias and Victoria Martín have been in charge of presenting the evening, with a script by El Terrat. “It is clear that the podcast They are the radio of the poor. That is why they have brought us and not Buenafuente and Berto ”, they said between laughs as soon as they started and after the chords of the theme Video Killed the Radio Star, by The Buggles, played by the band led by Víctor Elías, who accompanied the gala with live music throughout the night.

Up to 888 candidates from 15 countries applied for these awards, organized by PRISA Audio and Cadena Ser in collaboration with Spotify. Curious and funny stories, stories of moments of terror, crimes and football, current and past, analysis and improvisation. The night featured performances by María Peláe —who dared with a song created specifically for the event— and the beatboxer Pablo Mora, has staged the great diversity of works that are produced. They have also achieved exactly what the awards intended: to give visibility to the sector, recognizing the work, creativity and innovation of professionals who are part of a growing medium. “It is an industry that has no ceiling”, underlined Carolina Iglesias, also awarded for stretching the gum with Victoria Martin. “Seeing this festive atmosphere is amazing. The podcast they have come to stay and I am sure they will continue to grow”, added the comic and influencer Lalachus, in front with Andrea Compton from space fourth millennial, by Spotify in collaboration with PRISA Audio. “It is an industry that has exploded with the pandemic”, pointed out one of the winners as best podcast non-fiction narrative, the Mexican Meño Larios, author of carrier.

“The podcast They are a perfect combination of present and future. They allow the development of audio in total freedom, because the genre offers limitless creativity. I think they have come to complement and widen the margins of the voice as a content accountant”, affirmed Andreu Buenafuente, another of the winners, hours before the gala began and in a telephone interview with this newspaper. The Catalan could not go to Malaga for personal reasons.

“It’s that it’s a medium that democratizes a lot, that allows you to tell very interesting stories,” stressed the Mexican Marion Reimiers, laureate for her soccer stories case 63, who believes that after the first edition of the Ondas Globales Podcast Awards “the industry has to be much more demanding of itself”. Quique Peinado, responsible for the space tell him to come downhanded over one of the statuettes, assured that there is “podcast of great quality, which are works of art”. “I love radio, television, documentaries; but the most interesting communication things that are done now in Spain are podcast”, affirmed Peinado, who believes that the genre is experiencing “a fantastic moment and an event such as these awards certify it”.

The comedian participated, along with other guests and winners, on the red carpet that dressed in glamor the moments before the ceremony. Attendees were also able to visit the third actthe Teatro del Soho Caixabank restaurant, where they savored an appetizer while the flashes of the photographers portrayed attendees such as Isa Calderón, Lucía Lijtmaer, Luis Zahera (awarded the best actor award for The sphere) and Manuel Burque, as well as Samantha Hudson and Jordi Cruz, who received a special mention in the category best branded podcast by Are you still there?, from Netflix.

Mia Font, content creator of El Terrat, collects the producer award at the Ondas Globales Podcast Awards, in Malaga.
Mia Font, content creator of El Terrat, collects the producer award at the Ondas Globales Podcast Awards, in Malaga.

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, and the mayor of Málaga, Francisco de la Torre, also posed. Also present, among others, were Rosauro Varo, Vice President of PRISA; Eduardo Alonso, director of studies for southern and eastern Europe at Spotify; Carlos Núñez, president of PRISA Media; Montserrat Domínguez, content director of the SER chain; Ignacio Soto, General Director of Cadena SER; and María Jesús Espinosa de los Monteros, CEO of PRISA Audio. Also José Manuel Atencia, director of SER in Malaga, which celebrates 40 years of broadcasting in the province this year. “We are very excited that this first edition of the awards is held in this city,” said Atencia at the welcome cocktail held at noon in the town hall.

The Ondas Globales Podcast Awards aim to reward the best productions in this new industry, which is in full growth, for which PRISA has been betting since 2016, the year in which it launched Podium Podcast, a platform that offers nearly 200 productions . The first edition of these awards has had the support of the Malaga City Council, the Malaga Provincial Council, Turismo Costa del Sol, CaixaBank, BMW, El Corte Inglés and Seagram’s, with official Renfe transport. The awards follow in the footsteps of the Ondas Awards that PRISA awards annually through Ràdio Barcelona (Cadena SER), the oldest radio station in Spain. The Ondas are considered to be the most prestigious radio and television awards granted in Spain, and last November 16 they held their 68th edition gala, breaking registration records.

List of winners

– Better podcast of the year: stretching the gum Y Total ideal weekly misshapen.

– Better podcast fictional: case 63.

– Better podcast non-fiction narrative: (ex aequo) Carrier Y GAL: the triangle.

– Better podcast conversational: the raw.

– Better branded-podcast: Hotel Jorge Juan. Special mention: You still there?

– Better podcast experimental: Solaris. Special mention: Tell them that my life was wonderful.

– Better podcast non-Spanish speaking international: L’echo du bataclan.

– Better podcast in the co-official Spanish language of the state: Lokatza.

– Best execution and design: The sphere.

– Best screenplay podcast: The Hitman. Special mention: Uribe.

– Best production of podcast: war 3. Special mention: drug addiction.

– Best host-hostess of podcast: Marion Reimers by football to death.

– Best actress of podcast: Lolita Flowers by fucking.

– Best actor of podcast. Luis Zahera for The sphere.

– Best episode of podcast: (ex aequo) cabinet of curiosities Y the rare.

– Special Ondas Award for podcast revelation: Best regards. Special mention: what girls want.

– Special Waves Award podcast to path: (ex aequo) Molo Cebrián and El Terrat.

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